Vasundhara Shining Bright With Her Chunky Necklaces

So by now you must be knowing after reading our last post that Vasundhara is one of the favorite celebrity jewellers and is known for her bold and beautiful jewellery, especially the necklaces. Curious we’re and we couldn’t have only this much, so we went ahead and shooted Vasundhara with our set of questions and asked her about her jewelry and inspirations. For the sweet heart she is, she was more than happy to talk to us.
Vasundhara Mantri of Vasundhara of jewelry

Here’s what Vasundhara has to tell about her Jewelry:

1. What prompted you to start this jewelry line and did you do any professional courses in jewelry designing/making.

I had undergone training at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York. After which I started my career by making jewelry out of glass and beads from home for my friends and relatives. As the word spread, everyone started appreciating my designs which gave me the confidence and a boost to my dream and opening of my store.

Gemstone earring by Vasundhara jewelry

2. Around what theme do you design your jewelry and your inspirations.

I take my inspiration from nature and the cultural heritage of arts and craft it offers. The raw, colourful, sensuous and ancient customs merged and blended with new forces inspire me. Every collection that I have done has been my story or the story of something that has had a personal effect on me.

actress Evelyn sharma as the show stopper for Vasundhara jewellery

Geometric jewelry by Vasundhara jewelry

In my latest, ‘Blurred Lines’ collection showcased at Lakme Fashion Week the idea was to fuse bold geometric elements in a contemporary style yet blending them with traditional sensibilities in an aesthetic manner.

3. Which is your most famous collection among the buyers and so far which age group is mostly fond of your jewellery

My personal favourite is ‘Rock Glamour’ collection comprising of flirtatious classy pieces of agate, pyrite & quartz neckwear and luscious crystal danglers to play magic which injects an urban edge to anyone’s wardrobe. It depends on the taste and likeability of the customers. A part of my clientele prefers more contemporary designs while the other half would like to invest in rich traditional styles. A few like it subtle and a few want a lot of drama to be expressed in their jewelry. Due to a change in perception, a lot of my clients want a blend of both contemporary and ethnic creations making it more wearable type of jewelry. The age group between 20-40 years enjoy my creations.

Contemporary jewelery by Vasundhara

4. How promising is the jewelry market in India and do you see any change in trends recently.

The shoppers these days are looking at how a product is made, from what it is made, where it is made – mainly looking at the quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. Speaking in context of imitation jewelry, I have seen a lot of women preferring to wear costume jewelry on their wedding related ceremonies because firstly they are cost effective and secondly it is the utmost choice for outstation weddings. The quality, craftsmanship and authenticity are a few factors which have influenced the consumer’s buying patterns.

5. What materials you use for your jewelry and what is the price range.

The stones used are all natural such as coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise and onyx and are set in mixed metal with a proportion of silver with proper 24 carat gold rhodium plating and the range is from Rs 2000-15000.

6. Do you have any physical shops in India or abroad. And to which cities/ country you ship your products.

My flagship store is in Kolkata and the address is as following-
The Enclave, 17/1 F, Alipore Road
3rd Floor, Kolkata – 700027

Studio of Vasundhara jewelry

My jewelry is also available in different stores in India such as Ogaan, Aza (Mumbai, New delhi), Nimai (New Delhi) Minerali (Mumbai), Evoluzione (Chennai, Bangalore), Deval (Ahmedabad). I retail mainly in countries such as US, Mexico, UK, Hongkong, Jakarta, U.A.E and Australia.

Online partners for selling my jewelry are PerniaspopupshopIndianhangerStylearrestOgaanCarmaonlineAmazon

7. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Jessica Simpson

Chunky necklace design by Vasundhara jewelry



Price (Approx):
Rs 2000 to Rs 15000

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