Valentine Series- Heart Pendant


Take a piece of hand made paper and fold it into 2
On the reverse side draw the heart of your desired size. Make a small hook at the top of heart shape. This hook should be at the point where paper was folded
After cutting when you open it should look like this
This is how it looks when folded
I took a sticker of golden and pearl dot for decoration
After decoration
Stuff some cotton it between the 2 layers and stick them. Make sure you do not stick the hook area so that you can insert the chain
My heart pendant with pearl chain 🙂


Here’s another easy peasy DIY pendant in the Valentine series. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Just used a hand made paper of my choice and some sticker and my pendant is ready in no time. So what are you waiting, just give it a try. Even the guys should try this up to give there beloved a surprise.

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