DIY silk thread rakhi

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly

RAKHI is a thread that binds two souls in a bond of joy forever!!! Don’t you think showing love for your brother with a Handmade Rakhi, which is made by you will be more special and exciting. So here I am sharing a quick tutorial on how to make a lovely Silk thread rakhi…

Step 1:

  • Gather Supplies: You can pick these from your old bracelets, necklace or may be from your old purse ,,,!!*Rings
    *Silk Threads
    *Embellishments for decoration
    *Fabric glue

quick tuturial on silk thread rakhi in 6 easy steps

Step 2:

  • Wrap Silk thread on rings

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly

Step 3:

  • If once your WRAPPED rings are ready u can play with them. Decorate it in your own way with your creativity.

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly 1

  • Showing one of the ways of making a rakhi, I am taking 3 wrapped rings of different sizes.

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly 2

Step 4:

  • Decorate BIG ring with gold beads …!!

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly 3

Step 5:

  • Apply a bit of Glue on the inner Circle and add next color

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly on Indian jewelry blog Jewelsome

  • Again apply a bit GLUE and add the last ring

How to make a silk thread rakhi on Indian Jewelry blog

  • Then start adding Embellishments and let it Dry.

Step 6:

  • Now add Jump Rings to the Rakhi to add cords.

Handmade rakhi design on Indian jewelry blog

  • Add cord into the jump rings on both sides and secure it with a knot. AAAAHHHH…itz READY…!!!

How to make handmade rakhi on Indian jewelry blog

Beautiful handmade rakhi tutorial

Spread Happiness this Raksha Bandhan with handmade Silk thread Rakhi…

Dhanya Sri Chowdary

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