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Nose piercing in India is an age-old tradition dating back to centuries (Vedic age, to be precise) and holds its significance till date. The size, shape, design, motif, and material of nose rings and nose pins vary widely across the various regions of the country. They are rooted in the Indian tradition and are an important part of the bridal look as well. However, today, adorning the nose with a gleaming pin, ring or a stud is more of a fashion statement than a tradition. A beautiful nose pin or a nose ring can effortlessly complete and complement a bride’s wedding day look.

Here, we have scouted a list of nose rings from different regions of India that have been perfectly complementing the look of Indian women since time immemorial. Take a look!

The Punjabi Shikarpuri Nath

Topping the chart of nose rings, the Punjabi Shikarpuri Nath usually has a medium or a large hoop (typically a drop or a string of beads) that connects with the embellished or beaded chain connecting it to the hair. The elegance and charm exuded by this classy piece of jewellery can give any bridal look a captivating finishing touch.

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The Pahadi Nath

The Kumauni and Garhwali areas of Uttarakhand are distinctively known for their culture. Tehri Nath or Nathuli is the traditional nose ring of this state. Featuring an intricate design and decorated with some pearls and rubies, Nathuli is heavier than the Punjabi Nath and is an essential part of their culture. As compared to the Punjabi Nath, the hoop in Pahadi Nath style is bigger, heavily embellished and covers most of the face. Also, the Nathuli is a valued possession of married Garhwali and Kumauni women.

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The Maharashtrian Nath

Quite popular among the Bollywood divas, the Maharashtrian Nath or Guchhedar Nath has a unique cashew-nut shape that makes it distinctively different from all other nose pin/ring designs. The interesting arrangement of beads, pearls, and colourful stones make the Maharashtrian Nath popular across the nation. The Maharashtrian Nath also comes in an all gold design as seen in the image below.

Nose-pin-designsAnuya Beaded Gold Nath.Set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold (3.03 gms) Certified by SGL


Mukhuttis is a lightweight nose pin worn by the women residing in Goa and the Konkan area. However, you can see brides of Kerala and Karnataka adorning this simple yet attractive nose pin type with a little twist by wearing it on both sides of the nostrils.


Made using gold and silver, Nathani is a traditional nose ring for Rajasthani and Gujarati brides. Embellished with precious and semi-precious stones, it is considered that the bigger the Nathani and embellishments the higher the financial status of the family.


Worn by the brides of Tamil Nadu and Bhatarnatyam dancers, Pullaku is a centre nose ring that offers a distinct look to the attire. It can be worn solo and can be clubbed with other nose ring designs as well.

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Konkani studs

Inspired by the elements of nature, Konkani studs have an abstract finish and are usually made in motifs of birds and fish. Crafted using common metals like gold and silver (with some embellishment), every Konkani stud reflects simplicity and carries a charm of its own.


Serving as an inspiration to Bollywood lyricists since time immemorial, Laung as the name says is a clove shaped nose pin worn popularly in most parts of the Northern India. Commonly made using gold or silver, Laung is embellished with semi-precious or precious stones. Not only to a wedding, but it can also be worn on other special occasions as well.

Nose-pin-onlineHarni Cluster Nose Pin. Set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold (0.43 gms) with diamonds (0.08 Ct, IJ-SI) Certified by SGL

So, if you are about to get married in a few months or preparing your look for bestie’s wedding, pick up a few elegant nose pins for women from the CaratLane collection for a look inspired by tradition. The platform has many designs to choose from, making it easy to pick up a design which suits your taste and look. In addition, you can also choose from any of the nose ring and nose pin designs mentioned above to give your overall look a traditional twist.

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