The Diamond bracelet design awarded at Rio Tinto Global Design Award 2011

The Sands Of Time By Vijayshree Sovani

It gives me immense pleasure and makes me proud when I get to know about the creative work of fellow Indian being awarded internationally. Vijayshree Sovani is one such jewelry designer who’s design got awarded in Rio Tinto Global Design Awards in the Silvermist Diamonds Category in 2011.

To give you background Rio Tinto Group are very old and established metals and mining corporation. They have launched a global design competition which aims to inspire creativity and innovation in diamond jewelry design.

The Sands of Time by Vijayshree Sovani made in diamonds

To talk more about the awarded design by Vijayshree Sovani, it is named as “The Sands of time“. What I liked was it’s simplistic design and the inspiration behind it. Here’s what Vijayshree says about it’s inspiration “As the wind blows in desert larger grains accumulate and smaller are transported away. Similarly as the wind of time blows in our lives it forms ripples like imprints wherein important events leave a mark and rest get faded away. Therefore this bracelet is inspired by the ripples in sand

Shaun Robinson wearing diamond bracelet designed by Vijayshree Sovani

Later “The Sands of Time” bracelet has been developed into reality by Interjewel USA and has been sported by some Hollywood celebrities too like Shaun Robinson at 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

We at Jewelsome loved Vijayshree Sovani’s “The Sands of Time” and want to wish her good luck and wish she designs many such beautiful jewelry. Stay tuned for my next post which would showcase her recent jewelry’s…


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