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21 Stunning Couple Ring Ideas For Your Engagement or Wedding

21 Stunning Couple Ring Ideas For Your Engagement or Wedding

Couple rings are usually a symbol of love, worn to show off to the world that you are a couple in love. They are worn on engagements, weddings, Valentine’s day or some couples even wear them while dating.

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing! Weddings and engagements are joy-filled occasions which publicly declare one’s commitment to his/her partner. Wedding and engagement bands hold a lot of value to a couple who are madly in love as they are a symbol of their promise.. their eternal bonding and never ending love towards each other.

I happened to visit the Mallabar Gold and Diamond jewelry store here in 4th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore last week and was appalled by the beauty of their exquisite ring collection. I felt like a lost Princess who discovers a stunning palace made of all riches. I liked some of the couple rings too but somehow the choice here was limited. I couldn’t find the couple rings which I had a vision of for my fiance’ and me. One of the sales person there informed me that they could make any design I wanted, I just had to give them a description or show them a picture and voila! The first thing I did after getting back home was searching for pictures of the best couple rings from all around the world. The result? I came across several stunning pieces of couple ring designs which can make any man/woman’s day if gifted to them!

I handpicked 21 wedding and engagement ring designs which I totally loved from everything I saw and I am compiling a list of the same below for all you lovely readers to have a look at and grab inspiration from. These couple rings are not only cute and adorable but they can also be bought at very low prices. Infact, you can even DIY some of them!

Every ring set has a direct link where you can instantly buy them online. You can even get these designs customized on a budget from your preferred jeweller.

21 Cute, Cudly and Totally Irresistible Couple matching ring designs which are awe-worthy: (Grab a pair for your engagement / wedding / proposal like NOW!)

1. Matching Promise Rings:

21 Stunning Couple Ring Ideas For Your Engagement or Wedding

Show her how she has left an imprint in your life with this adorable ring set design. Usually, a girl prefers floral patterns while the boy wants something plain and toned but both of them  want their rings to match. The above design is the solution to such situations which allows both the boy and the girl to wear a different design yet one which matches. These bands are appropriate for a Spring wedding/engagement but would do great for any time of the year!

Buy from here

2. Sound Wave Engraved Couple Rings:

Sound wave engraved jewellery

If you love personalized jewelry and want to have your names engraved on your rings then you should definitely try out the online Indian personalized jewelry brand Augrav.com!

What is so special about sound wave engraved wedding bands?

The above couple rings are very unique not only because you can get your names engraved but also because they have a sound wave engraving. You can record your special moments like the first time he/she said 'I love you' or 'I Do' and wear that loving moment around your finger forever. This is why they make for lovely wedding bands!

Buy from here

3. Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Couple Rings:

Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Couple Rings

These rings have an impressive designing which signifies how your partner has your heart and how you own his. I want something similar for my own engagement – so touche’! 😀

Buy from here

4. King and Queen Crown design couple rings:

King and Queen Crown design couple rings

This is another lovely deign you can get customized for your wedding. It’s a lovely way to live your own fairytale and be the King/Queen of your lovely little world.

Buy From here

5. Engagement rings for Long Distance relationships:

Engagement rings for Long Distance relationships

Carve the memories of that one special place on these rings and proudly wear them on your fingers! This is a perfect choice for couples in a long distance relationship. Get this pair for yourself and prove to the world that ‘Saath samundar paar‘ is not enough to stop two hearts from falling in love! 🙂

Buy from here

6. Tungsten steel heartbeats of love couple rings:

Tungsten steel heartbeats of love couple rings

Tungsten is a metal famed for being extremely durable and rare. This is what makes it an appropriate choice for a wedding/engagement ring to signify your love. These rings are extremely scratch resistant in nature and come on a budget when compared to Gold and platinum rings.

Buy from here

7. Fingerprint engraved Matching ring set for couples:

Set of 2 Personalized Fingerprint Rings - Actual Fingerprint and Handwriting Rings - Promise Rings FR02FM:

This will also make for a great meaningful wedding gift for couples. What can be more exciting than wearing your loved one’s finger print around your own finger?!

Buy from here

8. Mickie and Minnie Couple Rings:

Mickie and Minnie Couple Rings

Bring out that kid in you by choosing these Titanium engraved customized kissing Mickie and Minnie inspired rings. Buy from here.

9. Beauty and the Beast his and Her engagement rings:

Beauty and the Beast his and Her engagement rings

Show your undying love to your Beauty or Beast with this irresistible Disney Inspired Beauty and the Beast matching ring set. These are so cheeky and adorable!

Buy from here

10. Connected Hearts Swarovski Zirconia Platinum Couple bands:

Connected Hearts Swarovski Zirconia Platinum Couple bands

This lovely Platinum coated silver ring is perfect for a proposal or Valentine’s day gift. These two rings make a heart when joined and that’s why it’s a unique choice which holds a lot of emotional value to it! 🙂 It’s a great budget buy and will look lovely on your fingers!  

Buy Online couple rings.

11. Connected Hearts Black metal Couple rings:

Connected Hearts Black metal Couple rings

This design is some what similar to the above design except for the fact that the material used here is different. It has a more lovely appeal to it and I like this one more – Such an apt choice to celebrate love!

Buy Couple rings Online on Amazon at low Price

12. Latitude and Longitude Couple ring set:

Couple Ring Set, Coordinate Ring, Latitude Longitude Ring, Matching Couple Ring, Promise Ring, Personalized Couples Rings, His and Her, NH05:

This ring set is a great gift idea for long distance relationships. You can get these rings stamped with whatever you want to on both the inside and the outside.

Buy from here

13. Matching couple rings:

Matching Couple Rings Promise Rings Couples Ring His and Her Promise Rings For Couples Personalized Couples Ring Set Christmas Gift

This matching couple ring set is yet another way to show off the divine intertwining of your hearts. You can get your wedding date or any other important date engraved on the inside of this ring set!

14. Swarovski Zirconia Platinum Ring Set:

Swarovski Zirconia Platinum Ring Set

Swarvoski crystals have been a preferred choice for couple rings from ages. Platinum is a rare and beautiful metal which is as eternal as your love for each other.

Buy On Flipkart

15. Isotope Titanium ‘Glow in the dark’ Engagement rings:

Isotope Titanium 'Glow in the dark' Engagement rings

These ‘glow in the dark’ Lume rings contrast with Titanium to create a visual moment that is simply irresistible! They are available in many colors and are very unique, crazy and simply awesome ring choice for an engagement!

Buy from here

16. Deathly Hallows ‘ I will Always Love You’ Engraved couple rings:


This is for fellow Potter heads who are die hard fans of fantasy tales like Harry Potter. If you love ‘Lord of the rings’ then you can get yourself the ‘one ring’ or something with a bitten apple engraving for Twilight fans!

Buy From here.

17. Day and Night Men and women’s wedding band:

Wedding ring set sterling silver, sun and moon ring, personalized wedding rings, promise rings, engagement rings, Mens wedding band,7mm wide

This reminds me of the sensational couple Khushi and Arnav from the soap ‘Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon’, their characters were like the Sun and moon, Khushi being a vibrant and chirpie woman while Arnav’s character is as deep as the night, reserved, short tempered and powerful. This connecting ring set will be a lovely choice for couples who want to portray the same.

Buy from here.

18. Love letter Engagement ring:

Love Letter Engagement Ring

Yes, your personal love letter bound in a custom sterling silver ring – make it happen! This intimate and poetic piece is bound to truly take your partner’s breath away. Write a personal letter for your loved one to let them know how much they mean to you and make your bond even stronger!

19. Peanut butter and strawberry jam Friendship ring for couples:

strawberry jam peanut butter and jelly best friend rings bff polymer clay HEARTS valentine's day

These rings are very affordable and TOTALLY cute! They make for a lovely Valentine’s day or date night gift. The foodie in me is loving these beauties and wants a pair for myself like now O_o. They can be easily DIYed. Let me know if you want a tutorial. Buy from here

20. Love Birds Couple Ring Set:

Love Birds Couple Ring Set

Another adorable design which has been a symbol of love for ages – love birds!

Buy from here

21. Personalised couple rings with heartbeat cutout:

Personalized Couples Rings Promise Rings for Couples by JewelryRB:

This will again make for a unique and memorable gift for your loved one. You can even get your names or the nicknames you call each other engraved on the inside/outside of this charming ring set!

Buy from here

Now that you have these wonderful Couple ring inspirations handy, go seal your commitment with a ring! 🙂

Image Source: Forum.xcitefun


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Jewellery from most Lavish 2016 Wedding – Janardhana Reddy’s daughters

If you have ever wondered what Jewellery worth 98 crores looks like then this ₹550 crore worth Big Fat Indian wedding of Gali Janardhana Reddy’s daughter Brahmani with Rajeev Reddy will give you a whole tour of it!

Famed as the fattest Indian wedding of 2016, 21-year-old Brahmani Reddy and 25-year-old Rajiv Reddy tied the knot on 16th November in a very extravagant and lavish setting at the Palace grounds, Bangalore. The wedding was no doubt a grand affair with LCD invitation cards worth 10,000 each sent out to 50,000+ guests from all over the world but what actually got the whole Nation talking was the 98 crore worth Diamond jewellery worn by the Bride on her wedding day alone.

Jewellery worn on the Wedding:


On her Big day, the Bride was covered in Diamonds from head to toe. The stunning pieces of Diamond jewellery worn by Brahmani on her wedding included 6 Diamond studded necklaces, 2 dozen diamond bangles, an extravagant Diamond multi-tier Matha patti, arm cuffs, nath, Kamar-bandh and more.

All the jewellery was bought from 4 jewellers in Bellary and one jeweller in Bangalore, the names of whom are still a hush-hush. The Diamond necklace worn on her wedding day alone was around 25 Crores.

Apart from her wedding, the newly wed Brahmani Reddy was also seen donning stunning pieces of jewelry on her Engagement, Sangeet and other functions too.


Gali Janardhana Reddy’s daughter Brahmani’s Engagement was no short of a trailer to the upcoming Big fat affair. For her engagement which happened last month, Brahmani was a vision in a traditional Kanchipuram saree featuring a stunning green blouse with intricate maggam work which she paired with a heavy Diamond choker and Rani Haar. She finished out the look with big diamond Jhumkas and a Pendant Maang-tika. I love how the greens and whites of her jewellery are contrasting with her Bronze saree – so beautiful!


Unlike the other festivities, Gali Janardhana Reddy’s daugther Brahmani and Son-in-law Rajeev Reddy’s Sangeet was more on the western side. Brahmani looked adorable in a heavily embellished Floral Neeta Lulla Lehenga in Gold. The jewellery here was kept quite trendy with just some rings and a huge Diamond Choker set worth God knows how much. I loved her Sangeet look the best!

Jewellery worn on other occasions during the wedding week:

That’s 70 crores worth Gold!

Groom’s Sister:

The Groom’s sister was no doubt the center of attention with her beyond beautiful choice of Diamond jewellery which went well with her Turquoise Kanjeevaram silk saree. I love love love that Rani haar and those WOW Jhumkas she’s wearing!

It was no doubt a grand affair with Jewellery worth swooning over. The jewellery worn by the bride on her wedding were impressive but I personally felt that the stark silver from the jewels did not go well with the Gold work of her Half-Saree. The choker was an exception with its intricate gold details which could have looked prettier if worn in solidarity with the Half-Saree. Nevertheless, the Bride looked stunning and we wish the couple a Happily married life!

At a time where the Nation has been hit with Demonetization, what do you think about this larger than life affair?

Picture courtesy: RVR Pro



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21 Stunning Flower Jewelry for Mehndi Function

21 Fresh Flower Jewellery for Mehndi Function

Mehndi function is generally personal which is celebrated with close family and friends and fresh flower jewellery adds to all the fun and masti. That is the reason they are becoming very popular among brides for their Mehndi function and they also look very beautiful with Mehndi colors. Fresh flowers with their sweet aroma and soft touch make the bride feel more beautiful and uplift their mood, no wonder brides feel and look like princess adorned with flower jewellery. 

Besides flower jewellery for mehndi they can also be worn for other functions like Haldi, Godh Bharai and similar casual function. One more feature which makes them more appealing is they are Environment friendly and can be returned back to mother nature.

Here are 21 Fresh Flower Jewellery by Pelli Poola Jada which you can buy for your Mehndi Functions:

1.Fresh flower kamarband and haath phool

2.Mira Rajput style fresh flower jewellery for mehndi function

3.Jasmine and rose flower jewellery for mehndi function

4.Beautiful fresh flower maang tikka design

5.Yellow and white fresh flower jewellery for marriage function



8.  Happy bride in fresh flower jewellery during mehndi ceremony

9.Fresh flower necklaces design

10.  Fresh flower jewellery set for wedding function

11.Fresh flower jewellery for marraige function like mehndi and haldi

12.Fresh flower jewellery design

13.Fresh flower jewellery design 3

14.Fresh flower jewellery design 2

15.Fresh flower jewellery by Pelli Poola Jada

16.Fresh flower jewellery by pelli poola jada 1

17.Fresh flower jewellery by Anoo Flower jewellery

18.elegant Fresh flower jewellery

19.Bride in fresh flower jewellery during mehndi function

20. Flower-jewellery-for-mehndi-function-2


You can Order Flower Jewellery Online by filling in the order form below given with details.

Pelli Poola Jada

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Tara Wedding Jewellers

Self Design your Wedding Jewellery with Tara Jewellers

I am sure you would have already been smitten by beautiful necklaces by Tara Jewellers we featured under “Top 10 Wedding Jewellery of 2015“. But one thing you don’t know about them is they give you full freedom to design and customize your wedding jewellery. Be it a new jewellery or you want to rework your mother’s old jewellery they are happy to do it all.  Here Sunayana Vora, VP-Sales of Tara Jewellers tells us all about their jewellery and also shares some tips on jewellery care:

1. What sets you apart from other Wedding Jewellers?

Sunayan Vora – My Karigars give you an opportunity to have a unique, custom made ring or jewellery piece, designed individually for you. We enjoy the process of designing and making a unique piece of jewellery custom made to your preference. We’ll work with you to design that perfect piece, whether you’d like to recreate a piece, re-design your existing jewellery utilizing your own diamonds to create something new and exciting in the process. You may also choose from Tara’s exhaustive design bank of several thousand jewellery designs that can be customized, modified and changed to make a unique, one of a kind piece.

From allowing you to select the combination of gemstones and diamonds to the preferred metal, Tara would assist and deliver beyond – from idea to creation.

Grand diamond and gemstones necklace by Tara Jewellers

2. What special care you take while designing wedding jewellery?

Sunayan Vora – You can bring in your design choice, select from our library, or create a design of your own. Our designers will give you a 3D CAD drawing that almost looks like the real thing! Then you can decide to use your gold and diamonds/precious stones in total or in part. Thus, drastically reducing the money you have to pay for the new customized jewellery.

Although fashion trends play an important role in decision making while trousseau shopping, it is advisable to pick pieces that are classic and timeless for the big day.

3. Where you draw your inspiration for Wedding Jewellery? How far do Indian traditions influence wedding jewellery design?

Sunayan Vora – Wedding jewellery designs are guided by lyrical geometry and find their inspiration in mythology, celestial beings and poetic forms of nature. As a study, it is worthwhile to understand the significance of the inspirations that are popular in Indian jewellery design.

4. What is the star component of wedding jewellery according to you. Is it Gold, Diamond or gemstones?

Sunayan Vora – The wedding trousseau should evenly consist of jewellery in diamond and gold with gemstones.

Diamond necklace for wedding by Tara Jewellers

5. What should Indian brides keep in mind while buying wedding jewellery?

Sunayan Vora – Remember your jewellery should add on to your attire not eclipse it. If your wedding attire is elaborately designed then chic and elegantjewellery will be perfect. Also, think about the hairstyle you would sport on your wedding day. Brides in India mostly prefer a hair up do to flaunt beautiful sparkling earrings on their big day.

One should also ensure that the jewellery retailer has lucrative exchange and buy back policies in place.

Diamond and emerald necklace design

6. Besides Mangalsutra which jewellery item is a must for every bride to get a perfect bridal look?

Sunayan Vora – Bridal attires will be incomplete without a gorgeous neckpiece which is mostly selected keeping in mind the colour and overall style of the bridal dress. Also a carefully chosen ring will adorn your finger as a symbol of your love throughout lifetime.

Brides now lately prefer to wear contemporary styles and select bangles in such a manner that they match with their outfit.  They generally opt for traditional designs for their wedding day but on the day of reception, they prefer the latest trends.

With changing times, brides are wiser to go with jewellery that can be worn for everyday wear. Feminine & stylish, chandeliers in a wide assortment of precious metals, textures, and designs add just the right amount of flirty colour, shine and movement to your bridal look. The Indian version of chandelier earrings, Chandbalis, has become popular lately with in vogue women flaunting it at almost all occasions.

The classic solitaire ring will always be in vogue. Women still have a soft corner for their beloved traditional round solitaire rings. Along with being a girl’s best friend they have the qualities of being classy, elegant and stylish.

7. What is the price range of your wedding jewellery collection?

Sunayan Vora – Our unique service of custom designed jewellery – Tara My Karigar – is based on market requirement of customization for unique designs on an allotted budget with a consultative interaction with the karigar. This initiative allows you to give your diamonds, colored stones and gold to be converted to a bespoke piece of your choice. All you pay is what you would pay a “Karigar”.

Fine bespoke jewelry by Tara jewellers

8. How many stores you have in India and abroad. Do you sell online also?

Sunayan Vora – Utilizing our international experience, we launched our exclusive chain of retail stores under the brand name ‘Tara Jewellers’ in 2010 with the objective of redefining the consumer purchase experience in India. Currently we have more 30+ point of sales with company owned & company operated stores and shop-in- shop format outlets in North, Central and West India. Now you can also buy wedding jewellery from Tara Jewellers on Amazon.in, Snapdeal and Shoppers Stop Online.

9. Suggest some tips to make wedding jewellery more durable to last more years as they have lot of memories attached.

Sunayan Vora – Jewellery should not be thrown into a drawer or on top of a dressing table; it is suggested to keep your baubles in velvet boxes. Be careful when using ring holders or jewellery dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other which ultimately cause damage. Most jewellerycan be washed clean in plain running water. You can use mild detergent or soap to clean the stubborn dirt.

Wear your perfume before you put on jewellery. Also regular servicing is a must for all your fine jewellery. At home you can lightly brush yourjewellery with toothpaste or keep it overnight in soft soapy water.

Tara Jewellers


Site Internet: http://tarajewellers.in/

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Gold and gemstone necklace

Gold Wedding Jewellery By Nikhaar Jewellers – Times Asia Jewels Fair

Nikhaar Jewellers, Bangalore are famous for their traditional gold jewellery and this year at Times Asia Jewels Fair 2015 they displayed a magnificent collection of gold Wedding Jewellery. The main attraction of the display was the “Azva – Seven Vows Of Marriage” and Temple jewelry collection.

The collection was predominantly designed for south indian weddings which consisted of heavy necklaces crafted skillfully in gold and red rubies. These gold necklaces are made in various lengths and are therefore perfect for layering during the ceremony. They are accompanied by beautiful dangler earrings in matching designs and finger rings.

Gold Wedding Jewellery sets by Nikhaar Jewellers

gold wedding jewellery by Nikhaar jewellers

Azva collection jewellery by Nikhaar jewellers

7 rubies are embedded in the necklaces to signify the “7 vows of marriage” of Azva collection.

Azva- The 7 vows of wedding jewellery collection

Wedding sets for south indian weddings

Bridal necklace design by Nikhaar jewellers

Gold jewelry design for south indian brides

Necklace from Temple jewelry collection which is very famous among south indian weddings.

Temple jewellery collection by Nikhaar jewellers

Jeweller Address:

Nikhaar Jewels Pvt. Ltd.
No. 10/2 & 10/4, Richmond Road,Richmond Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Phone: 080 2210 3288
Email:  response@nikhaar.net

Nikhaar Jewellers

Bridal Jewelry, Jewelry Sets

Price (Approx):
Rs 1,60,000 to Rs 8,00,000 approx

Site Internet: http://www.nikhaar.net/

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South Indian wedding jewelry fashion

Bridal Jewelry Tales Of Krithika

It’s always a treat for the eyes to watch the advertisement of Bridal jewelry on TV or social media but it’s altogether a different feeling to see a Real Bride adorn them. So when I saw Krithika Yadav I fell in love with the jewelry she choose for her ‘D’ day and wanted to know all about it. For the beautiful heart Krithika is, she happily shared her Jewelry tales with Jewelsome 🙂

Beautiful wedding jewelry in gold antique finish

Krithika who is a Kannadiga(South Indian) chose her wedding attire and jewelry in tune with the Kannadiga culture. For the main wedding pooja she chose to wear pure gold jewelry as it looks classy and timeless with traditional attire. The jewelry she wore belonged to the Antique jewelry collection which has a different tone of polish for the gold. Not quiet impressed by the big jeweler’s in Bangalore she preferred to buy her jewelry from ‘S K Ayodyarama Setty & Sons Jewellers‘ in her home town Tumkur, who had amazing collection of designs. I so loved her big jhumka’s and the maang tikka with strings.

Bridal jewelry with maang tikka

Bridal jewelry set in imitation stone

For her wedding reception Krithika wore a beautiful imitation stone necklace set with a beautiful maang tikka. I love how her necklace covers her neckline to give a grand look. Krithika bought her jewelry set fromKushal’s Fashion Jewelry’, Bangalore and when I asked her why she went for this one, her answer was simple – it was big, beautiful and the kind she wanted :).

Tips for Bridal Jewelry Shopping from Krithika : “I would suggest brides to go hunt for jewels in either Raja market or Commercial Street . Since most of the time designs get common once they are out in the market, I would prefer, you search in Kushal’s for imitation jewelry”

Makeup Magic byBridal Makeup By Roshni Safir. You can connect with her on Facebook page or call her at +91 9986036066

Jeweller’s visited:

1.  S K Ayodyarama Setty & Sons Jewellers

Vivekananda Road, Tumkur – 572101

2.  Kushal’s Fashion Jewelry

# 11/1, 2nd Floor, Next to Post Office,

K.R.Road, Basavangudi, Bangalore 560004

Karnataka, India. E-mail: info@kushals.com

S K Ayodyarama Setty & Sons

Bridal Jewelry

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bridal collection at kalyan jewellers

Azva Jewellery – The Seven Vows Of Marriage By Kalyan Jewellers

Azva Jewellery collection by Kalyan jewellers is the wedding collection which is the symbol of togetherness. This collection is inspired by the 7 vows of marriage as depicted in the bridal sets which consist of 7 flowers, 7 gems and similar. This collection is perfect to give as a wedding gift because nothing is more pious than “Seven Vows”. This wedding jewellery made with gold is all that a bride needs to glitter on her special day.

Azva Jewellery by Kalyan Jewellers

Azva Jewellery-bridal collection at kalyan jewellers

Azva Jewellery - bridal cllection at kalyan jewellers

Azva jewellery collection by Kalyan Jewellers 2

Beautiful gold necklace designs in Azva collection

Beautiful gold necklace designs in Azva collection

Jewellery Store Visited:

Kalyan Jewellers
No. 17, Near Anand Sweets, Shivaji Nagar, Dickenson Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

Phone: 080 2555 0533

Kalyan Jewellers

Earrings, Neckpiece

Price (Approx):

Site Internet: http://www.kalyanjewellers.net/default.aspx

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