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Get Quirky With Suhani Pittie Jewellery

World Gold Council has enlisted her among the top 10 most inventive jewellery designers in the world and she also started her own training institute at the young age of twenty. Can you guess who she is??? Well she is non other than Suhani Pittie, the ace designer who has impressed every one with her unique take on traditional jewelry styles.

Suhani Pittie the ace Indian jewellery designer
Suhani Pittie, the designer

What sets her quirky jewellery apart from others is that it blends beautifully with Indian attires too, breaking the stereotype look and creating a statement with it’s bold presence. Many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan have flawlessly styled Suhani Pittie jewelry with sarees and kurta and they looked just glam. So if you are a lover of edgy jewellery which speaks for itself Suhani Pittie jewellery is just for you.

Quirky Jewellery by Suhani Pittie
Sonam Kapoor in golden and pearl maang tikka and chokar necklace
Vidya Balan at a TV show wearing Suhani Pittie jewelry
Gold plated “Adinkrahene” necklace worn by Vidya Balan with a black saree
Suhani pittie Etched Rose Earrings worn aditi rao hydari at wills lifestyle india fashion week
Etched Rose Earrings look beautiful on Aditi Rao Hydari

Her quirky jewellery are handcrafted and are made in gold, silver and pearls mostly, though she intends to create precious jewelry too in future. They are located out of Hyderabad but sell online through their website Suhani Pittie and various other online portal like Perniaspopupshop etc.

Golden Pearl Cluster Layered Necklace worn by Kareena Kapoor
Golden Pearl Cluster Layered Necklace worn by Kareena Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor in Suhani Pittie jewellery at Cannes 2015
Pearl & Tassel earrings for Sonam Kapoor
Suhani Pittie jewellery
Edgy necklaces by Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie Jeweller Address:

2nd floor (above elahe), 476 “Milestone”,
Road No.10, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad 500034 India.
Phone: +91-40-32212495 / 23352495
Email: info@suhanipittie.com

Image Source: Fdciluxpresso

Suhani Pittie


Price (Approx):
Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000

Site Internet: http://www.suhanipittie.com/

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Why You Should Wear Bold Jewelry To New Year Party

So why should you wear Bold Jewelry to New Year Party??? Becasue it is trending!!! As it was eminent from the celebrity jewellery article we published recently, most of the celebs were wearing Bold jewelry pieces instead of the usual jewelry sets/necklaces, that means they love them too.

Also since “Less is the new More” bold jewelry gives you the freedom to wear fewer jewels and make a statement without looking too dressy or traditional. For parties especially where you have to dance and move around a lot they are the first choice as they are comfortable to wear and don’t cause any hinderance while dancing unlike heavy jewelry.The most popular statement pieces are Earrings and Finger Rings as they are easy to style and gel with different kind of attires.

This year Abaran Jewellers have an exclusive collection of bold and designer jewelry to offer to jewelry lovers in Bangalore. The pieces are designed meticulously to perfection with diamonds and colored gemstones. The highlights of their collection are Butterfly earrings, Coral flower earrings, Cocktail Rings and many more beautiful jewelry. Here’s what their Bold jewelry collection looks like:

Tilak shaped ring in diamond and gold

Tilak ring in diamond

Bold statement ring for new year party by Abaran Jeweller

Did you notice the leopard staring at you from my ring??

Bold jewelry designs by Abaran jeweller

Leopard ring in diamond

Multi finger serpent ring

serpent shaped multi finger ring trendy Serpent shaped ring Cocktail ring by Abaran Jewellers bangalore

Did I say I LOVE rings…

crazy for finger rings at Abaran jewellers

My favorite Butterfly earring made with mother of pearl and diamonds

Mother of pearl butterfly earrings

This Coral and diamond earrings, sure to turn heads…

Coral and diamond earrings by Abaran Jeweller Diamond and gold earrings Diamond earring design

Abaran Jewellers


Price (Approx):
Rs 50,000 onwards

Site Internet: http://www.abaran.in/

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Feather Inspired open necklace by Vrindaa Ashwani

Statement Jewelry By Silvense At Bangalore Fashion Week

Statement Jewellery are an assertion of our style and often used as the only fashion accessory for a given look. Though the theme and design varies for them. ‘Silvense’ the statement jewelry by Vrindaa Ashwani is a collection of bold statement pieces which are made keeping the style of modern women in mind while keeping the traditional feel alive.

The collection consists of headbands, open necklaces and rings. Instead of intricate detailing bold forms like circles, leaf shape, rectangle are used which are intertwined to form a single jewellery piece. Chains have been used extensively as danglers.


 Statement jewellery by Vrindaa Ashwani at Bangalore Fashion Week

Statement jewellery by Vrindaa Ashwani at Bangalore Fashion Week1


Statement necklace at display by Vrindaa AshwaniStatement necklace by Vrindaa Ashwan

Open ended necklace with stone

Open statement necklace by Vrindaa Ashwani

Studded necklace cum headbandNecklace which can be worn as head band by Vrindaa Ashwani

Trendy bracelet with chain danglers

Statement jewellery by Vrindaa Ashwan

Silver necklace inspired by shields of warrior

Silver Statement necklace by Vrindaa Ashwani

Inspiration taken from Bird feather’s for this necklace

Feather Inspired open necklace by Vrindaa Ashwani



Price (Approx):
Rs 1500 onwards

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Marble necklaces by Rillrilljewelry

Made In Marble – Necklace

The continuous urge to do something new has lead the human race to discover new and better things. Especially when it comes to jewelry people have tried anything and everything to make one.

Marble necklaces from Rillrilljewelry are a perfect example of this, where MARBLE which is used in constructing and beautifying homes has been turned into a necklace which would now be used to adorn and beautify humans.

These necklaces have very simple geometric shapes like circular, triangular but still there is something very unique and exciting about them.

Indian jewelry blog

Marble necklaces by Rillrilljewelry

Handmade marble necklace

Online jewelry store for marble necklace

experimental marble necklace


Experimental, Neckpiece

Price (Approx):
$120 - $220

Site Internet: http://rillrilljewelry.com/shop/

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