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Make Pom Pom Earrings at home

Hello all,

POM POM jewellery is most  trending these days ,so thought of giving a quick tutorial on these so that you guys can  make your own beautiful Pom Pom earrings!

Let’s get started.

Materials Required:

  1. Pom Pom (Here’s a quick video on how to make Pom Pom at home)
  2. Jewellery chain
  3. Eye pins
  4. Head pins
  5. Jumprings
  6. Hooks
  7. Bead caps
  8. Pillers
  9. Bird (if possible)


Step 1:

Firstly  with the help  of plier cut  6 pieces of chains  ( 3 pairs so that we can make two earrings out of it ) Of your  required length. Cut chains into equal halves as shown below.


Step 2:

Take an headpin and add a bead cap followed by pom pom and again a bead cap and bend it using plier. Before closing the head pin add chain, it saves time.





Step 3:

Your Pom Pom’s  are ready to go. Now  take  an eye pin and open its eye and start adding chains accordingly, and now close the eye pin after adding chains.



Step 4:

On top of eye pin, add a Bird( this can be found easily from a craft shop r u can use one more pom pom here )  n close it off with a hook. Repeat the  same process and  pretty colourful light weight trendy pompom earrings were ready.

diy-jewellery-on-jewelsome       diy-pom-pom-earrings-making-at-home

Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials coming up soon by me ?

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