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Affordable Diamond Necklaces starting at Rs 77,000 by Kirtilals

If  you love Diamond jewellery but are generally hesitant to invest too much money in a single piece then you are not alone. As per the latest trend seen people now want more variety in their jewellery collection and inspite of one or two expensive pieces they prefer to buy more jewellery in the same amount to wear at different occasions. This has led many leading Jewellery brands in the country to launch their new range of Light weight jewellery which is beautiful, trendy and also light on pocket which gives more jewellery buying capacity to the buyers.

In the same line Kirtilals jewellers have also launched a new range of stunning light weight diamond necklaces at an unbelievable price. This collection showcases a wide array of sparkling diamond necklaces with the most sought after designs in traditional and contemporary styles. With this launch, Kirtilals is addressing 2 points that are prevailing in Diamond Jewellery industry

1.     The demand to cater to diamond jewellery at affordable prices thus launching Diamond necklaces starting from Rs. 77,000 

2.      With the changing trend, customers are opting for Diamond jewellery more for daily wear, than just restrict to occasional wear. Kirtilals studied the market and their designers studied global motifs that would appeal to new age woman and presented them in an innovative style.

More designs from this collection…






Price (Approx):
Rs 77,000

Site Internet: http://www.kirtilals.com/

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Indian jewellery blog contest winner

Jewelsome ‘Guessing’ Contest and the Winner

Jewelsome recently conducted a fun contest on Bride Essential, a leading Facebook Forum which caters to all bridal shopping requirements. The contest was a simple one where the participants had to guess the weight of Gota Jewelry which I had worn in the below picture, along with telling the occasion they would wear it.

Gota jewellery design India

Now since Gota jewelry is one of the lightest form of jewelry guessing the weight would mean being precise to each gram. But the participants showed great enthusiasm and there were lot of guesses very near to the exact weight.

But there was only one person who hit the bull’s eye. Shravani Chandu guessed the weight perfectly as 14 grams. For her crisp guess our winner would get a full set of Gota jewelry(necklace, earrings, ring, maang tikka) as a prize. YAY!!!

Blog contest winner announcement at Jewelsome

Gota jewellery winner at Indian jewelry blog Jewelsome

We’ll be having more contests in the future, and next time more prizes are guaranteed!


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Tanishq Niloufer Collection – For Those Who Try Something New

Tanishq launched their new jewelry collection named Niloufer which is like a breath of fresh air in these hot summers as they remind us of the queen of water “Lotus”. Tanishq Niloufer jewellery is a tribute to the lotus, a gentle yet beautiful flower along with stunning diamonds and pure gold.

Tanishq Niloufer jewellery is a sensuous ode to the charming woman who has many facets to her personality like the different shades of a lotus. Therefore this collection explores the latest trends in jewellery design, keeping in mind that the Niloufer woman likes trying out new things like haathphools, chandbalis, double headed rings, bracelets, and two-in-one finger rings that go effortlessly well with both traditional and modern wear.

Some of our favorite Fashion Bloggers have styled Tanishq Niloufer jewellery beautifully, here have a look:

1. Nilu from Bighairloudmouth

Niloufer-by-Tanishq-Diamond-Jewellery-in-India-Indian jewellery blog Jewelsome

Double headed diamond rings from Niloufer by Tanishq

 2. Devina from Guiltybytes

Beautiful diamond Tanishq Niloufer jewellery

Diamond rings by Tanishq inspired by beauty of Lotus

haathphools from Niloufer by Tanishq

3. Aanam C from Whatwhenwear

Niloufer-by-Tanishq-Diamond Jewellery from Niloufer by Tanishq in Indian jewellery blog Jewelsome

Diamond earring design from Tanishq Niloufer jewellery

 4. Aman from Stylefashionetc

Diamond necklace with lotus design from Tanishq Niloufer jewellery Diamond bracelet with flower design from Niloufer by Tanishq.jpg

Check out Niloufer Catalouge for full range here

You can buy online Niloufer jewellery from Tanishq stores or here



Price (Approx):
Rs 35,000 onwards

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Tanishq Mia everyday office wear jewelry

Wear Your Color To Office With Tanishq Jewellery’s Mia 5 Collection

If you are a person who loves colors and think they add more life to your days and nights, you would love to check out  Tanishq Jewellery’s Mia 5 collection which is named “Colour Me Pretty“. In this collection colors like yellow, mint green, sky blue, purple have been introduced by using large special cut semi-precious stones – citrine, topaz, amethyst etc. You can experiment with different combinations, like go all matching with the same color attire and jewellery or wear neutral colors like white, black and add colors with new Mia 5 jewellery.

Like all the previous Mia collections, this one is also made in 14kt gold and is light weight, smart and perfect for work wear and casual occasions. Their is a wide range of collection to choose from which consists of Bangles, earrings, finger rings and pendants.

Tanishq Jewellery Mia Collection

Mia collection Tanishq casual jewelry

Mia collection Tanishq designs

Office wear jewelry by Tanishq Mia

Office wear light weight jewelry by Tanishq Mia

Pendant chain set by Tanishq Mia

Red and green bracelet in Tanishq Mia collection

Tanishq Mia collection 2015

Tanishq Mia earring price starting Rs 3999

Tanishq Mia pendant and earring set

Tanishq Mia ring

About Tanishq Mia Jewellery:

Tanishq Mia collection is focused at working women who like to wear trendy and light weight jewellery which looks sober and decent. But at the same time jewellery should also be stylish and trendy and be a reflection of their personality. With over 300 designs to choose from Mia collection aims to be the first choice of working women of India.



Price (Approx):
Rs 3,999 onwards

Site Internet: http://tanishqmia.com/

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