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Stock Up Jewellery with Eina Ahluwalia Diwali Sale

Eina Ahluwalia has launched a limited time sale on her designer jewellery for Diwali. 10% Discount is available on all products available on her website. The coupon code DIWALI16 needs to be applied while placing the order on their website Einaahluwalia.com to avail discount. This offer is valid ONLY till 31st October 11:59 pm

Eina Ahluwalia


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Jewellery talk with designer ‘Maithili Kabre’

Maithili Kabre’s jewellery brand believes in the power of beauty and strength of personality of a woman who knows her mind. Their collections are inspired by the varied facets of being a woman. Here’s the story of this Luxurious fashion jewellery in Maithili Kabre’s words…

1. What prompted you to start this Jewellery line and did you do any Professional courses in jewellery designing/making.

I am an Architect by training. However, I started making and selling handmade costume jewellery since 2004 during my college years. After my post-graduation in Lifestyle Accessory Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, I started a Jewellery label-‘Swa’ in 2009. I have refined my design and jewellery making skills and also trained in basic Jewellery making at IIGJ, Mumbai.


2. What is the theme of your Jewellery and what inspires you.

My jewellery is inspired by and designed for women and their various aspects. The main focus is jewellery that looks great when worn than just being a pretty object on it’s own. We have also launched our first conceptual collection this year titled –Galileo. This collection is inspired by the work of the great scientist while working with the earth as our main motif. With this collection, we have also forayed into basic mechanics and made jewellery that rotates and is playful, while being highly fashionable and avant garde.

3. Your most famous collection with the buyers and which age group is fond of your jewellery

Women who are fond of well made luxurious things and have an eye for detail are our customers. The age-group is mainly around 30-45 years old, working women. We widely work with juicy colours in original Swarovski crystals, which makes most of our statement earrings very popular with buyers.


4. How promising you find the jewellery market in India and do you see any change in trends recently.

The jewellery market is looking upwards as we slowly see refined and varied designer costume jewellery getting popular. Customer mindset is definitely moving away from investment jewellery to wearable, high fashion jewellery

5. What materials you use for your jewellery and what is the price range.

All our jewellery is hand-crafted in brass, with 18k Gold plating. We widely work in Swarovski crystals and cubic zircons. The price range is Rs. 2500 for our minis range upto Rs. 9500 for statement earrings and goes upto Rs. 20000 for our statement necklaces.

6. Where do you have shops in India/abroad. To which cities/ country you ship your products.

We retail at Minerali, Mumbai and Nimai, New Delhi. We ship across India and get surprised by a lot of non-Metro customers. Internationally we have sold at an exhibition in Japan, stores in Singapore and ship regularly to USA and UK based customers.


7. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

A lot of A-list Bollywood stars wear our jewellery regularly. However, the most gratifying experience is always a customer message stating the happiness of the product and how they feel once they adorn the jewellery. My dream would definitely be to have more of such experiences as that is always the starting point of each design and it is great when it comes to a happy full circle.

Maithili Kabre


Price (Approx):
Rs 2,500 to Rs 20,000

Site Internet: www.maithilikabre.com/

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Jewellery talk with Suguna from ‘Koral Tree’

You look at ‘Koral Tree‘ Jewelry once and I am sure you will stop to stare again. Especially their Jhumka’s made in polymer clay which have turned the traditional one’s into a piece of art inspired by the beauty of nature around.

We had a Jewellery talk with Designer and Founder Suguna about ‘Koral Tree’ magic and what makes it so unique and admired by jewelry lovers. Here’s what she had to say:

1. How ‘Koral Tree’ Jewelry is different from other Polymer clay jewelry.

It is very tricky to get a perfect finish in Polymer clay jewelry. We at Koral tree have a disciplined craftsmanship and our artisans are trained to give the best and do justice to our designs. That is what sets us apart from others.



2. What is the theme and inspiration of ‘Koral Tree’ jewelry.

Koral Tree focuses on elegant yet artistic jewelry with floral and divinity themes . Our designs are inspired by simple yet edgy geometric lines and shapes that render a daring elegance to our jewelry. Our colours are inspired by the magical beauty of nature – the soothing green of trees, the passionate red of roses, the royal violet of violas or the hypnotising blue of seas. Anything that catches our eye is turned into a piece of masterpiece

3. The story behind the name ‘Koral Tree’

Of all the colors that fascinate me as a designer, Koral stands out for its vibrancy. Further, tree symbolizes growth.

4- What material you use for coloring, is it sensitive for the skin. As it is of clay what would be it’s life span.

Polymer clay cannot be compared with Terracotta clay as it is synthetic clay and doesn’t need to be colored. It already comes in different color blocks which can be blended as well to get an array of more colors. It is very malleable and ductile while conditioning and after curing at 180 degree C, it becomes very sturdy and light weight too! It is for lifetime as it is unbreakable and color doesn’t fade or bleed. It has been used in the west as a jewelry making material for over a decade now



5- Are the ‘Koral Tree’ Jewelry handmade.

These are delicately handcrafted pieces of artistry. Millefiori technique is used to mould the clay and to produce unique decorative patterns resulting in an impressive range of beads and pendants

6- How you plan to expand it in future.

Our primary source of revenue is from our website and that is where we plan to invest more. Additionally, we make custom designs for curated marketplaces like Tjori, Indianroots etc for a better brand recognition.

Koral Tree


Price (Approx):
Rs 350 onwards

Site Internet: http://www.koraltree.com/

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Jewelry with a Philosophy by Eina Ahluwalia

It is also our secret crusade to subvert the paradigm of jewellery as a means of ornamentation loaded with patriarchal symbolisers, a way to appear more beautiful” –Elina Ahluwalia said this with proud and a little shine in her eyes.

How delighted I am to recently meet the creative jewelry artist behind such a beautiful thought. Jewelry are made with heart and some with mind but when both of these come together in a Jewelry we can expect something beautiful.

Eina Ahluwalia, the Conceptual Jewelry Artist conducted a trunk show Bangalore and it was a delight to meet her and learn about her jewelry inspiration and motivation. Her jewelry is designed around a message related to Feminism or Spirituality sometimes sublime and sometimes loud and steering into the face. Each piece is handcrafted to give it a unique and personal feel which is a speciality of designer pieces. A sneak peak at her popular collections which convey her philosophy:

Love Jewelry

This collection is all about Love or Pyaar.  It’s not about romance and lust, but love…Deeper, higher love that connects us all at a human level. Wear it to show you stand for love for the other side.

Love Pyar necklace…

Eina ahluwalia jewelry inspired by beautiful message

Magniloquence/Spiritual Jewelry

This is collection of Eina Ahluwalia classic and best sellers from over last 11 years. It consists of Ginormous earrings that are hand crafted and either gold plated or black rhodium plated. It is highly inspired by spiritual themes like Trishul, Durga, Ganesha, Chakra…

Goddess Durga cutwork handmade jewelry on Indian jewelry blog
Goddess Durga cutwork handmade earrings
Beautiful trishul necklace jewelry
Beautiful trishul necklace jewelry
Priyanka Chopra wearing 3d Trishul earrings
Arrow head shaped calligraphic jewelry
Arrowhead earrings, handcrafted and lightweight

Best of Eina Ahluwalia jewelry at Indian jewelry blog

Personalized jewelry

Customized Name necklaces in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengal. Hand cut in sterling silver with 22k gold plating!

Personalized pendant necklace by Eina ahluwalia

Wedding vows

Signature ‘Love.Respect.Protect’ earrings to remind you of a vow you make to yourself :To love, respect & protect yourself, even if no one else does…
Cutwork maang tikka by Eina Ahluwalia
Fretwork ‘Jaali’ maang tikka…

Conceptual jewelry by Eina Ahluwalia

conceptual jewelry by Eina ahluwalia at Indian jewelry blog

Material Used: Silver silver/Brass with 22k gold plating

Buy this jewelry online from Einaahluwalia.com/shop

Eina Ahluwalia


Price (Approx):
Rs 2500 onwards

Site Internet: Https://www.einaahluwalia.com/

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Misho design geometric jewelry in silver

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Expect Unexpected by Suhani Parekh

There is more to do with Circles and Squares than just drawing, designer Suhani Parekh proves with her Unexpected Jewelry ‘Misho’.  Designer aims to create jewelry which is unexpected and this has special appeal to jewelry admirers who experiment with Unique pieces rather than the ordinary.

Simple Geometric forms and clean lines describe perfectly Misho jewelry which are handcrafted in sterling silver. She uses architectural styles of places travelled, as inspiration for her designs. ‘Misho’ has endless designs and all comprising of simple geometric forms depicting the strong hold designer has in sculpting modern architecture for the body using geometrical forms. 

Misho ‘Mediated Matter‘ collection has beautifully transformed ordinary hoop earrings into many innovative style like Mismatched hoops, Flux hoops or going a step further into Eclipse choker. This collection is stark different from silver jewelry collection we talked about last time, there it was about cutworks and Misho is all about forms. Interesting to see how same material(silver) can be transformed into two drastically different jewelry.

Misho Geometric Jewelry

Flux hoop ring by Misho Design
Flux Hoop ring
Latest jewelry designs at Indian jewellery blog
Counter balance statement ring
Misho Flux rings in sterling silver
Misho Mediated Matter collection
Sculpted jewelry by Indian designer
more of geometrical form in Misho jewelry
Unique uneven hoops earrings on Indian jewelry blog Jewelsome
The Mismatched hoops

Check on their Facebook page for updates Misho



Site Internet: http://www.Mishodesigns.com/

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Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Ritika Sachdeva The Silver Queen

Be it Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif or Kajal Agarwal all seem to be loving Ritika Sachdeva silver jewellery. They are bold and beautiful. 

Speciality about her jewellery, I’d say it is ‘Something new but something old’. This jewellery collection takes me back to the days of my Nani (grand mother), I saw women in her neighbourhood wearing heavy thick silver Hasli(choker) and Pajeb(anklet) with lots of green tattoos in hands and leg in cotton Saari. Also the big jhumki/earrings in silver were added occasionally.

And here is the evolution reflected in Ritika Sachdeva’s recent collection which is appropriately transformed to made suitable to current times. So instead of big chokers we see addition of heavy silver pendants with cutwork entwined in a chain. Multiple layers have been added in the jewellery to add more volume beautifully. This collection is also very versatile to style. It can be added to a casual kurta or T-shirts to strike a Bohemian look and also paired with traditional attires for a more conventional one.

Here are examples how celebrities had styled Ritika Sachdeva jewelry with Traditional and Contemporary dresses.

  1. Deepika Padukone in cutwork crescent and ghungroos silver earrings

Deepika Padukone in cutwork crescent and ghungroos silver earrings

2. Kajal Aggarwal in Ritika Sachdeva layered necklace and bangles

Kajal Aggarwal in Ritika sachdeva silver jewellery on Indian Jewellery blog

3. Katrina Kaif in silver fringes and ghungroo pendant

Katrina Kaif in silver fringes and ghungroo pendant by Ritika Sachdeva

4. Yami Gautam shines in bohomian look in silver jewelry

Yami Gautam shines in bohomian look in silver jewelry

5.  Taapsee in silver fringes collar necklace

Taapsee in silver collar necklace on Indian jewelry blog

6. Mouni Roy in paan leaves setting in triple crescent silver necklace

Mouni Roy in silver jewellery by Indian jewelry designer

7. Actrees Sonam Bajwa in double layered silver earrings

Actrees Sonam Bajwa in designer silver jewelry

8. Actress Rakul Preet in silver silver ring by Ritika Sachdeva

Acctress Rakul Preet in silver jewelry on Indian jewelry blog Jewelsome

Buy online this collection Ritika Sachdeva Jewelry

So tell me in the comments below how you would style Ritika Sachdeva jewelry, will love to hear them.

Ritika Sachdeva


Price (Approx):
Rs 1,200 onwards

Site Internet: http://www.shopritikasachdeva.com/

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Get Quirky With Suhani Pittie Jewellery

World Gold Council has enlisted her among the top 10 most inventive jewellery designers in the world and she also started her own training institute at the young age of twenty. Can you guess who she is??? Well she is non other than Suhani Pittie, the ace designer who has impressed every one with her unique take on traditional jewelry styles.

Suhani Pittie the ace Indian jewellery designer
Suhani Pittie, the designer

What sets her quirky jewellery apart from others is that it blends beautifully with Indian attires too, breaking the stereotype look and creating a statement with it’s bold presence. Many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan have flawlessly styled Suhani Pittie jewelry with sarees and kurta and they looked just glam. So if you are a lover of edgy jewellery which speaks for itself Suhani Pittie jewellery is just for you.

Quirky Jewellery by Suhani Pittie
Sonam Kapoor in golden and pearl maang tikka and chokar necklace
Vidya Balan at a TV show wearing Suhani Pittie jewelry
Gold plated “Adinkrahene” necklace worn by Vidya Balan with a black saree
Suhani pittie Etched Rose Earrings worn aditi rao hydari at wills lifestyle india fashion week
Etched Rose Earrings look beautiful on Aditi Rao Hydari

Her quirky jewellery are handcrafted and are made in gold, silver and pearls mostly, though she intends to create precious jewelry too in future. They are located out of Hyderabad but sell online through their website Suhani Pittie and various other online portal like Perniaspopupshop etc.

Golden Pearl Cluster Layered Necklace worn by Kareena Kapoor
Golden Pearl Cluster Layered Necklace worn by Kareena Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor in Suhani Pittie jewellery at Cannes 2015
Pearl & Tassel earrings for Sonam Kapoor
Suhani Pittie jewellery
Edgy necklaces by Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie Jeweller Address:

2nd floor (above elahe), 476 “Milestone”,
Road No.10, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad 500034 India.
Phone: +91-40-32212495 / 23352495
Email: info@suhanipittie.com

Image Source: Fdciluxpresso

Suhani Pittie


Price (Approx):
Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000

Site Internet: http://www.suhanipittie.com/

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Silver and enamel jewelry inspired by Indian sarees

Rainbows In Silver

Vijayshree Sovani, the internationally awarded Indian jewelry designer, about whom we had written in our last article is currently focusing on making silver jewelry inspired by various Indian themes like Rangoli, Taj Mahal, Madhubani painting and more.

Generally we see silver being paired with pearls, gemstones etc for making some contemporary jewelry and rarely colors, so this collection by Vijayshree is sure a bit different. Her jewelry are part handmade and part casted and enamel colors have been used for painting various designs.

1. Earrings inspired by Madhubani paintings

madhubani inspired silver and enamel jewelry

2. Earrings inspired by Rangoli

Rangoli inspired Silver and enamel earring

3. Earrings inspired by Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal inspired Silver and enamel earring

4. Silver thread earrings

Yellow and blue enamel and silver earring

5. Henna design inspired silver earrings

Henna design inspired silver earrings

Check on her facebook page for complete collection Facebook.com/vijayshreesovanidesigns  

Vijayshree Sovani Designs


Price (Approx):
Rs 800 to Rs 4000

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The Diamond bracelet design awarded at Rio Tinto Global Design Award 2011

The Sands Of Time By Vijayshree Sovani

It gives me immense pleasure and makes me proud when I get to know about the creative work of fellow Indian being awarded internationally. Vijayshree Sovani is one such jewelry designer who’s design got awarded in Rio Tinto Global Design Awards in the Silvermist Diamonds Category in 2011.

To give you background Rio Tinto Group are very old and established metals and mining corporation. They have launched a global design competition which aims to inspire creativity and innovation in diamond jewelry design.

The Sands of Time by Vijayshree Sovani made in diamonds

To talk more about the awarded design by Vijayshree Sovani, it is named as “The Sands of time“. What I liked was it’s simplistic design and the inspiration behind it. Here’s what Vijayshree says about it’s inspiration “As the wind blows in desert larger grains accumulate and smaller are transported away. Similarly as the wind of time blows in our lives it forms ripples like imprints wherein important events leave a mark and rest get faded away. Therefore this bracelet is inspired by the ripples in sand

Shaun Robinson wearing diamond bracelet designed by Vijayshree Sovani

Later “The Sands of Time” bracelet has been developed into reality by Interjewel USA and has been sported by some Hollywood celebrities too like Shaun Robinson at 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

We at Jewelsome loved Vijayshree Sovani’s “The Sands of Time” and want to wish her good luck and wish she designs many such beautiful jewelry. Stay tuned for my next post which would showcase her recent jewelry’s…


1- Rio Tinto Global Design Awards

2- Champagne Diamonds


Vijayshree Sovani Designs


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