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Make Pom Pom Earrings at home

Hello all,

POM POM jewellery is most  trending these days ,so thought of giving a quick tutorial on these so that you guys can  make your own beautiful Pom Pom earrings!

Let’s get started.

Materials Required:

  1. Pom Pom (Here’s a quick video on how to make Pom Pom at home)
  2. Jewellery chain
  3. Eye pins
  4. Head pins
  5. Jumprings
  6. Hooks
  7. Bead caps
  8. Pillers
  9. Bird (if possible)


Step 1:

Firstly  with the help  of plier cut  6 pieces of chains  ( 3 pairs so that we can make two earrings out of it ) Of your  required length. Cut chains into equal halves as shown below.


Step 2:

Take an headpin and add a bead cap followed by pom pom and again a bead cap and bend it using plier. Before closing the head pin add chain, it saves time.





Step 3:

Your Pom Pom’s  are ready to go. Now  take  an eye pin and open its eye and start adding chains accordingly, and now close the eye pin after adding chains.



Step 4:

On top of eye pin, add a Bird( this can be found easily from a craft shop r u can use one more pom pom here )  n close it off with a hook. Repeat the  same process and  pretty colourful light weight trendy pompom earrings were ready.

diy-jewellery-on-jewelsome       diy-pom-pom-earrings-making-at-home

Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials coming up soon by me ?

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DIY Statement Lace Choker Necklace

Hello all….!!!! STATEMENT jewellery which I always dream about and these are rarely found and if found Costly. So thought of  making it myself and it was  successful and would love to share the process with you all.

Chalo lets begin how to make Lace Choker Necklace, here is what all we need:

  1. Lace
  2. Jumprings
  3. Charms
  4. Bracelet lock
  5. Pillers
  6. Beads (optional )
  7. Angel wings (optional)
  8. Headpins (optional)

lace-choker-necklace-tutorial-on-jewelry-blog  jewellery-tutorials-and-news-on-indian-jewellery-blog


STEP 1: How to make a Lace choker necklace at home

Wrap lace around your neck and cut the desired length. Open up the Jumpring and add Charm to it now, start by adding charms from middle . Arrange charms by leaving little gaps in between and finish it off by using jump rings.


Now open up another jump ring and add 2 more to it  keep doing until you form a  chain… and join  that to your left side of the chain and add bracelet lock to right side using Jumpring and your done….!!! Pretty simple lace choker is ready to roll…!!!  

How to make Lace Choker Necklace at home





Here another version of the lace necklace with a Bold look

STEP 1:  

I’m taking little broad lace , wrap it around your neck and cut the desired length of lace, As it broad i thought trimming it a bit on sides.


Now, As i had angel wings and beads with me i’m planning to style up my lace with these ..

Take an headpin add drop bead followed by angel wing and a small round bead and close it off using pillers my angel would be ready..!!

For small beads in between angles i’m taking an headpin add round bead and a silver bead close it off using pilers ( completely optional you can use whatever readily available instantly with you )




All my angels and small beads were ready,

No i arranged these in a way i wish to make it by using jumprings add them to the lace..!!


Finish it off by adding bracelet lock and chain to it … as it is a broad one i added chains on top and bottom and itz done…..!!




Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials coming up soon by me ?

Dhanya Sri Chowdary

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Tutorial to make Silk Thread Jhumka matching with your dress

First and foremost, DIWALI wishes to you all. How about making your handmade designer jewellery to  Glam up  this DIWALI and festive look in less than 15 minutes almost?? Sounds interesting right…

HERE it is … I came up with a  “SILK THREAD JHUMKA” tutorial!!!

STEP 1: Material needed for making Silk Thread Jhumka

  • Silk thread which matches your dress
  • Jhumka mould
  • Head pins
  • Bead caps
  • Stone ball /any available beads
  • Stone chains /ball chains for decoration
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors, Pillers and Cutters
  • Hook /any readymade studs
  • Exam pad  /Chopping board to wrap thread


STEP 2: How to make Silk Thread Jhumka at home

Wrap 30 strings of thread on Exam Pad. Grab the threads and apply little glue on them. Now cut it in the half  & make sure glue is on both sides. One side should be FLAT and the other should be twisted a bit  and  this would be our needle.


  • Insert FLAT side from top of the mould and then start wrapping. Spread the threads properly and wrap it tight.
  • WRAP it by giving little gaps just because the circumference of top circle and down circle differs so we get overlaps on top.
  • Finish the jhumka in two rounds.
  • Make sure, inner side of the Jhumka also looks good with full thread wrap.
  • Glue it inside of the mould
  • Follow the same process for the other one as well.


  • Your two jhumkas are ready to play with IDEAS.
  • GLUE would be the biggest enemy for  SILK THREAD ,
    if you apply more glue threads turn black so  take care of it.  
  • For the decoration apply little glue at the bottom and start adding stone chain. I’m adding green colored chain to it and adding white stone chain and gold ball chain to finish the party wear look.

STEP 5: Fixing the studs and other embellishments

  • Take the HEAD PIN and insert BEAD CAP (downward direction as shown in the picture it helps to hold Jhumka properly from the bottom)
  • Take it out from the mould….
  • Now add one more BEAD CAP on top  of the jhumka followed by STONE BALL.
  • TRIM excess HEAD PIN and bead it with PILLARS and add hook to it  and close .
  • Your jhumka would be ready to roll.
  • If in case you are using ready made studs add stud loop in place of hook. Studded jhumka will be ready.

Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials coming up soon by me 🙂

Dhanya Sri Chowdary

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DIY silk thread rakhi

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly

RAKHI is a thread that binds two souls in a bond of joy forever!!! Don’t you think showing love for your brother with a Handmade Rakhi, which is made by you will be more special and exciting. So here I am sharing a quick tutorial on how to make a lovely Silk thread rakhi…

Step 1:

  • Gather Supplies: You can pick these from your old bracelets, necklace or may be from your old purse ,,,!!*Rings
    *Silk Threads
    *Embellishments for decoration
    *Fabric glue

quick tuturial on silk thread rakhi in 6 easy steps

Step 2:

  • Wrap Silk thread on rings

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly

Step 3:

  • If once your WRAPPED rings are ready u can play with them. Decorate it in your own way with your creativity.

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly 1

  • Showing one of the ways of making a rakhi, I am taking 3 wrapped rings of different sizes.

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly 2

Step 4:

  • Decorate BIG ring with gold beads …!!

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly 3

Step 5:

  • Apply a bit of Glue on the inner Circle and add next color

Tutorial to make Silk Thread Rakhi quickly on Indian jewelry blog Jewelsome

  • Again apply a bit GLUE and add the last ring

How to make a silk thread rakhi on Indian Jewelry blog

  • Then start adding Embellishments and let it Dry.

Step 6:

  • Now add Jump Rings to the Rakhi to add cords.

Handmade rakhi design on Indian jewelry blog

  • Add cord into the jump rings on both sides and secure it with a knot. AAAAHHHH…itz READY…!!!

How to make handmade rakhi on Indian jewelry blog

Beautiful handmade rakhi tutorial

Spread Happiness this Raksha Bandhan with handmade Silk thread Rakhi…

Dhanya Sri Chowdary

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Blue Lace earring

Lace Earrings – As Light As Feather

Jewelry is one such wonderful thing which can be literally made out of anything, really anything. And there is no better feeling when you make it with your own hands.

While looking out for DIY jewelry ideas I came across some beautiful Lace earrings which are very simple to make too. Here are few of my favorite lace earring design and how to make one for yourself.

Cream color lace jewelry

Golden lace earring

Lace earring

White Lace earring

Blue Lace earring

For making a lace earring for yourself all you would need is a lace cutout of your choice, white fabric glue and earring hook.  Here are easy steps to do it:

1- Take a white fabric glue and spread it thinly over the lave cutout and let it dry for sometime

Lace earring making tutorial

2- Attach an earring hook to the cutout

Lace earring making tutorial 2

3- Your earring ready for wearing

Lace earring making tutorial

Source: Pinterest


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3 Jewellery making ideas from vegetable and fruit

Wear What You Eat As A Jewelry

Believe me it’s not exaggeration when I say you can actually “Wear What You Eat”. I am referring to vegetable and fruits jewelry which can be made in different ways and forms. Like fresh cut or preserved vegetables and fruits jewelry which can be eaten also. Then there is dried vegetables jewelry where preferably root vegetables can be cut, dried and beaded into strings to make a necklace, earrings etc.

Handmade jewelry from vegetable and fruits

3 Jewellery making ideas from vegetable and fruit

 Indian Jewelry Blog

Experimental jewelry

Here’s a quick video from youtube showing how to make simple jewelry from potato and carrot…

Image Source: Photographyserved, Carrotmuseum, Ecouterre

Custom Made

DIY jewelry, Earrings, Neckpiece

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