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Shruti Sushma Fine Jewelry Is Made Out Of A Travel Tale

Shruti Chhajer and Sushma Chhajer, the mother daughter duo is leaving their mark in the jewelry industry with beautifully designed fine jewelry. Their brand ‘Shruti Sushma Fine Jewelry‘ does not believe in mass production of jewelry as they are admirer of exclusive pieces which are designed personally for client needs. This is the reason they are favorite among celebrities and big business families in India and abroad.

Their speciality are their gemstones which are hand picked when Shruti Sushma travel across the globe for ideas and inspiration. Some of their favorite gemstones to work with are Ruby from Burma, Emeralds from Colombian mines and South Sea pearls besides diamonds. Their jewelry is classy and a good fit for cocktail parties and designer dresses.
Classy diamond bracelet by Shruti sushma fine jewellery

Here’s the jewelry story of Shruti Sushma in their own words…

1. What prompted you to start ‘Shruti Sushma Fine Jewelry‘ jewelry line and did you do any professional courses in jewelry designing and making.

Sushma says: Previously I used to work in the designer apparel industry so a lot of my clients would seek my advice on picking the right jewelry for their outfit. Jewelry has always been passion so I decided to study diamond and gemstones grading. I also started traveling around the world to look for ideas and source the right gemstones. That’s how I got started.

Shruti says: I started with giving inputs to my mum(Sushma) shortly after my 1st year in college that’s when I realized I love jewelry and became very inquisitive about it. So I took up a design diploma and GIA graduate diamond course and got in to the business

Dual tone diamond bracelet design
Fancy yellow and white round brilliant diamonds bracelet
Emerald and diamonds bracelet by Shruti Sushma Fine jewellery
Emerald and diamonds bracelet by Shruti Sushma Fine jewellery

2. Around what theme do you design your jewelry and from where you draw your inspiration.

The uniqueness of precious gems inspires us the most. Architecture, paintings, nature or sometimes even the woman we are designing jewelry for.

Diamonds and pearls are a made for each other combination
Fine jewellery by Shruti Sushma
Jewellery designed with beautiful pearls

3. Your most famous collection with the buyers and so far which age group is mostly fond of your jewellery

We design by the piece as per the client need.  My clients are generally aged 24 years and up.

4. Materials you use for your jewelry and what is the price range.

We only use precious stones ( diamonds, ruby, emeralds, sapphires, pearls) and jewelry is priced above rupees 50,000.

Sonam kapoor in diamond necklace designed by Shruti sushma fine jewellery
Sonam kapoor in diamond necklace designed by Shruti sushma fine jewellery
Bride wearing maang tikka jewellery by Shruti Sushma fine jewellery
Beautiful Bride wearing maang tikka designed by Shruti Sushma fine jewellery

5. Do you have any physical shops in India or abroad. And to which cities/ country you ship your products.

We ship all over the country and have jewelry stores in Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

Ahmedabad: Courtyard by Marriott,
FF floor,  Ramdevnagar Cross Road,
Satellite Road, Ahmedabad 15
Phone number – 07932957105, 9825095767

Bangalore: Only by Appointment,
Palace Cross Road Next to Mount Carmel College,
Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore
Phone number- 9825095767

6. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

We would love to dress Neeta Ambani…

Shruti Sushma Fine Jewellery


Price (Approx):
Rs 50,000 onwards

Site Internet: http://shrutisushma.com/

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30 Stunning Gemstone Ring Designs

Since the time I could recollect I have been crazy for rings and especially the Gemstone rings. From forcing my mom to get me a artificial Gems rings when I was I child to my last Emerald and Gold ring, my love for them has been always increasing.

About an year ago my Emerald ring disappeared mysteriously, for I could not recollect when or how it came out of my finger. I had it for almost 5 years and it was part of my life so much, so when I lost it I was totally heartbroken and did not want to get a new one to replace it :(. But now after an year I again feel the urge to get a new Gems ring and so collected 30 Interesting Ring designs to choose from, let me know which one’s your favorite…

Rings with Gemstone set in frames of different style:

1. Yellow sapphire ring with a bold ring base


2.  Red sapphire ring in a circular base setting


3.Gemstone ring with mesh design


4. Square frame with cuttings


5. Gemstone set in flower shape frame


6. Coral ring in oval frame


7. Red sapphire in plain oval frame


8.  Oval shaped gemstone with multiple rings


9. Bold frame with gemstone set in itGreen-gemstone-ring

10. Gemstone bridges with two rings


11. Purple gemstone and silver ring with flower design


12. Vintage emerald ring


13. White gemstone with beautiful silver frame


14. Unique silver ring frame


15. Multiple gemstone set in one ring


16.  Band with multiple peridots


17. Multiple gemstone in single frame


Rings with Gemstone set in wired frame

18. Frame made of wire

Gemstone ring

19. Gemstone tied with golden wire


20. Purple gemstone set in frame made in wire style


21. White stone tied with metal in the centre for hold


22. Black Onyx ring


Rings with Gemstone set with hooks

23. Blue sapphire with four hooks


24. Emerald with several hooks set with diamond


25. Sapphire and diamond ring


26. Ring with open ends


27. Peridot ring with hooks


28. Ruby band


29. Aquamarine ring


30. Blue gemstone ring


Image Source:  EtsyThecutlondonWholesaleengagementring-sBrit.co, Trade.indiamart, Mcloveinstyle, Markgarbarini, Sndgemslumafina, Ellabb, TalismancollectionCjewelryfashion



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