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Designer jewellery at craftsvilla

Designer Jewellery at Craftsvilla

Couple of days back I was looking for some jewellery online for my saree. But I did not get many options in traditional jewellery. I was mostly getting options for light fashion jewellery or only few designs in traditional ones. But then I came across Craftsvilla.com. I had always thought that they are into apparels and designer wear. Now I found they have so much variety in Jewellery designs. There collection has lot of traditional as well as contemporary collection.

Craftsvilla.com has a huge collection in traditional jewellery from various sellers in different price ranges. If you are not in mood to spend too much on traditional pieces you can pick up a nice imitation jewellery in affordable price too. On other hand there are many famous jewellers too like Gehna jewellers, Dilan jewels, Atc Diamonds and their gold and diamond jewellery is available for buying.

Craftsvilla.com aims to bring together various artists from across India to one platform so that art lovers get to buy directly from the artists. This is a great effort to revive many lost arts of India which were getting ignored due to lack of proper patronage. On Craftsvilla besides jewellery other products are also available for sale from various artists like ethnic wear, accessories, home decor etc.

I loved Craftsvilla.com gemstone and pearls jewellery collection. Especially the royal looking 7 line Rani Haar or popularly known as Satlada necklace. It’s made in white pearls, stones and have a perfect Royal like fall for sarees and salwar suits.

7 line Rani Haar:Satlada necklace

Next favorite is Navratan Pearl Long Necklace Set. This beautiful necklace set is handcrafted in Navratna beaded alloy with imitation ruby, onyx and zircon. It is a definite head turner at any event and functions.

Navratan Pearl Long Necklace Set at Craftsvilla

The complete Bridal jewellery sets is another interesting collection. Made in Kundan and Polki this collection has following. So no need to assemble separate pieces for bridal wear, it’s all available in same set.

2 necklaces
Pair of earrings
1 Maang Tikka
1 pair of haath phool 1 nose ring

Kundan bridal jewellery full set design

Some of the jewellery pieces I would love to buy from Craftsvilla.com

1. Polki and Savorite Gemstone Studded Peacock Shape Bangle        Polki and Savorite Gemstone Studded Peacock Shape Bangle

2. Kundan Meenakari Necklace SetKundan Meenakari Necklace Set

3. 9 Rows Of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald necklace

9 Rows Of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald necklace

4. Cindrella Princess Imitation Diamond Finger Diamond Nail Ring

Cindrella Princess Imitation Diamond Finger Diamond Nail Ring

5. Gorgeous Bollywood Style Designer EarringsGorgeous Bollywood Style Designer Earrings

6. Green Tumbled Emerald Bead Drop earringsGreen Tumbled Emerald Bead Drop earrings

7. Rankosh Silver Antique statement necklace

Rankosh Silver Antique statement necklace

8. Multi layer tassel bracelet

Multi layer tassel bracelet

9. Emerald and ruby necklace

Emerald and ruby necklace designer jewellery at Craftsvilla.com

10. Afghani tribal earrings

Afghani tribal earrings buy online at craftsvilla

Great discounts are running on jewellery collection at craftsvilla.com currently with some pieces at 50% discount also. Many handmade jewellery like paper quilled jewellery, beads jewellery are also available in beautiful designs at discounted prices. It’s a good time to stock up on your jewellery collection at such exciting prices at Craftsvilla.com

Check out their full collection at Craftsvilla.com. For latest updates facebook.com/Craftsvilla


Jewelry Sets

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Stock Up Jewellery with Eina Ahluwalia Diwali Sale

Eina Ahluwalia has launched a limited time sale on her designer jewellery for Diwali. 10% Discount is available on all products available on her website. The coupon code DIWALI16 needs to be applied while placing the order on their website Einaahluwalia.com to avail discount. This offer is valid ONLY till 31st October 11:59 pm

Eina Ahluwalia


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Legendary Yudhishthira inspiration for my earrings

I had my eyes on Unniyarcha Epic jewellery collection” inspired by the legendary characters of Mahabharata about which I mentioned in my previous post. I picked up these Yudhishthira Earrings and Ring to pair with my traditional embroidered saree as it’s sleek circular design appealed to me.

These designer jewellery are inspired by Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandava brothers. He was an excellent warrior and very good at spear fighting and chariot racing on the war field. The circular form of the chariot wheels is the inspiration of the circular form of these earrings and ring. The spear on the other hand inspires the stick of the earrings which are attached to the circle.


indian-jewellery-magazine-with-latest-designs   unniyarcha-epic-jewellery-collection

These earrings are made in 18K gold plated brass with semi-precious stones. These earrings are very contemporary to wear and also light weight, though the delicate design needs to be taken care while wearing.

More details on their Facebook page UnniyarchaDesign



Site Internet: http://unniyarcha.com

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I chose Stars and Spirals from Eina Ahluwalia collection

Leave a girl in a Jewelry shop and I vouch she seldom comes out empty handed. Neither did I while visiting Eina Ahluwalia trunk show in Bangalore. Among all the beautiful jewelry displayed it took me sometime to pick my favorite one but the moment I made up my mind I knew this was it. These are a pair of Drop earrings from ‘Sacred Geometry’ collection. They have a Star and Spiral connected together at two ends of a thin chain to signify it’s message of interconnectedness. It’s one thing to wear a beautiful jewelry and another to wear a meaningful and I am so happy to get both in these earrings…



In the words of the designer the message behind this geometrical collection “From the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the atomic structure of a single cell within the body, the same laws of form and mathematics apply to everything in nature. A consistent language of geometric design underpins every level of the universe. This spiritual geometry is symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of our interconnectedness, inseparability and oneness; and provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole.We are all created on the same geometric archetypes, we are each perfect fractals of the same whole; no matter how different our physicality and personality may be, we are essentially all exactly the same.

Eina Ahluwalia


Price (Approx):
Rs 2500

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10 Best Jewellery Moments from Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016 got over few days back but it’s glits and glamour is still alive. With all the designer wear showcased there the jewellery worn along with it was also too good. Some very bold and innovative and some beautiful classy ones.

So have a look yourself at 10 Best Jewellery Moments from Lakme Fashion Week to get a sneak peak into jewellery trends for this season:

1. Suhani Pittie’s out of the world body jewellery


2. These larger than life Earrings at Myoho show


3. Kareena Kapoor’s Pearl maang tikka at Sabyasachi show


4. Silver magic at Amoh by Jade show


5. Threads Jewellery

made in assam-aagor-by-ants-craft-at-lakme-fashion-week

6. Scintillating Shilpa Shetty’s necklace

shilpa-shetty-lakme fashion week jewellery-at-indian-jewellery-blog

7. Fabric necklaces at “Seamless Loops” by PINAKIN


8. Dressing with Flower jewelry


9. Wired jewellery at Grazia Young Fashion award


10. Kundan and Jadau jewellery for a bridal wear


Image Source: Rediff, Yadtek, Myramagazine, Gettyimages, Indianexpress



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ISHARYA – Jewelry With California Aesthetics And Indian Glam

Isharya Jewelry has California aesthetics and Indian glam and has a global feel to it. Their statement pieces are not just for special occasions as they can be worn any day and hence best known as Effortless Chic Jewelry. We connected with the founders, Gauri Tandon and Radhika Tandon who are sister-in-laws and the face behind Isharya Jewelry and asked them all about Isharya…

Gauri and Radhika Tandon of ISHARYA jewelry
Gauri Tandon and Radhika Tandon

1. What prompted you to start Isharya and do you have any professional degrees in jewelry designing.

We started ISHARYA as a passion project in 2004 after noticing a void in the market for high-quality, Indian-inspired fashion jewelry. In 2007, after receiving frequent product features from editors and celebrities, we decided to focus on the company full-time. Since then, we’ve continued to build the brand and present new collections each season.

Gauri Tandon: I grew up in Delhi and studied Fashion Merchandising at The American College in London. I later got my masters degree in Business Studies in London at the London School of Economics. Today, I live in Mumbai and have two sons. Family is very important to us and infact, the name ISHARYA is a combination of our children’s names, Radhika’s daughter Arya and my two sons Armaan and Ishaan.

Radhika Tandon: I was born in London and lived in four different countries while growing up. I finally settled in California where I graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and later attended law school in San Francisco. I married Gauri’s brother-in-law and started practicing intellectual property litigation, but in 2007, I left the law firm to focus on ISHARYA full time.
Temple Muse jewelry by isharya

2. How do you choose the theme of your jewelry and what inspires you.

Most of our designs are inspired by nature, architecture, global travel and India’s rich heritage. India, without a doubt, is known for its rich, diverse and colorful culture and as a natural result, women who appreciate beauty cannot help but be attracted to it.

ISHARYA is constantly challenged to present a fresh perspective and interpretation of India’s aesthetics in a modern, high-quality way that appeals to global trendsetters. This dedication is what keeps us ahead in India’s costume jewelry movement.

3. Your most famous collection with the buyers and which age group is mostly fond of your jewelry.

The ISHARYA team strives to create innovative designs that appeal to women around the world. They not only want the collections to be in line with current fashion trends, but they also aim to create pieces that will be relevant years from now. The delicate and intricate detailing of our filigree collections has always been very popular, and this season’s new Temple Muse collection features filigree designs as well as styles encrusted with gemstones like blue lapis, amazonite, and golden rutile contrasted with Japanese cotton pearls. The collection has really resonated with the need to have statement, yet wearable accessories what we like to call ‘Effortless chic’.

White Hampi earrings and necklace by IsharyaEarrings and necklace design by Isharya jewelry

4. How promising is the Indian jewelry market and do you see any change in trends recently.

Technology has made women around the world more aware of the other’s sense of style and way of life. Isharya is thrilled to be in a position to provide a fresh perspective and interpret India’s aesthetics in a modern way that appeals to global fashionistas who are evolved and don’t believe jewelry has to be high-cost to be high-quality.

India.isharya.com went live in July 2013 and it has given our India based clients the opportunity to view our currently stocked products with a Rupee price tag at their convenience on their desktop computer or mobile device.  Adding a “Shop in India” feature on our global Isharya.com website was a natural result of our growing brand presence in the Indian market.

5. Materials used for jewelry and what is the price range.

Our products approximately range from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 20,000 and are 18kt gold-plated brass. We use materials such as resin, hand-cut “polki” mirror’s and semi precious stones.

This season, we innovated with a new material called cotton pearls from Japan, which are very lightweight and elegant.

6. Do you have any physical shops in India or abroad. To which cities/ country you ship your products.

Today Isharya is sold in over 600 stores worldwide ranging from small eclectic fashion boutiques to iconic retailers like Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, Gallaries Lafayette, Henri Bendel, and online on Net-a-Porter. The fact that it is global is definitely an achievement.

We are also now sold online in India at  india.isharya.com and at fine retailers such as Ensemble, Bombay Electric, Evoluzione and Good Earth. While we don’t have any stand-alone stores, the online collections are updated in real time to reflect current stock and we launch new arrivals every few weeks with a fresh editorial photo shoot.

Filigree Spoke Collection Jewelry by Isharya

7. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

We’d love to accessorize Beyonce because she exudes glamour, or Amal Clooney because she’s a beautiful and modern global women.



Price (Approx):
Rs 3,500 to Rs 20,000

Site Internet: http://india.isharya.com/

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Shruti Sushma Fine Jewelry Is Made Out Of A Travel Tale

Shruti Chhajer and Sushma Chhajer, the mother daughter duo is leaving their mark in the jewelry industry with beautifully designed fine jewelry. Their brand ‘Shruti Sushma Fine Jewelry‘ does not believe in mass production of jewelry as they are admirer of exclusive pieces which are designed personally for client needs. This is the reason they are favorite among celebrities and big business families in India and abroad.

Their speciality are their gemstones which are hand picked when Shruti Sushma travel across the globe for ideas and inspiration. Some of their favorite gemstones to work with are Ruby from Burma, Emeralds from Colombian mines and South Sea pearls besides diamonds. Their jewelry is classy and a good fit for cocktail parties and designer dresses.
Classy diamond bracelet by Shruti sushma fine jewellery

Here’s the jewelry story of Shruti Sushma in their own words…

1. What prompted you to start ‘Shruti Sushma Fine Jewelry‘ jewelry line and did you do any professional courses in jewelry designing and making.

Sushma says: Previously I used to work in the designer apparel industry so a lot of my clients would seek my advice on picking the right jewelry for their outfit. Jewelry has always been passion so I decided to study diamond and gemstones grading. I also started traveling around the world to look for ideas and source the right gemstones. That’s how I got started.

Shruti says: I started with giving inputs to my mum(Sushma) shortly after my 1st year in college that’s when I realized I love jewelry and became very inquisitive about it. So I took up a design diploma and GIA graduate diamond course and got in to the business

Dual tone diamond bracelet design
Fancy yellow and white round brilliant diamonds bracelet
Emerald and diamonds bracelet by Shruti Sushma Fine jewellery
Emerald and diamonds bracelet by Shruti Sushma Fine jewellery

2. Around what theme do you design your jewelry and from where you draw your inspiration.

The uniqueness of precious gems inspires us the most. Architecture, paintings, nature or sometimes even the woman we are designing jewelry for.

Diamonds and pearls are a made for each other combination
Fine jewellery by Shruti Sushma
Jewellery designed with beautiful pearls

3. Your most famous collection with the buyers and so far which age group is mostly fond of your jewellery

We design by the piece as per the client need.  My clients are generally aged 24 years and up.

4. Materials you use for your jewelry and what is the price range.

We only use precious stones ( diamonds, ruby, emeralds, sapphires, pearls) and jewelry is priced above rupees 50,000.

Sonam kapoor in diamond necklace designed by Shruti sushma fine jewellery
Sonam kapoor in diamond necklace designed by Shruti sushma fine jewellery
Bride wearing maang tikka jewellery by Shruti Sushma fine jewellery
Beautiful Bride wearing maang tikka designed by Shruti Sushma fine jewellery

5. Do you have any physical shops in India or abroad. And to which cities/ country you ship your products.

We ship all over the country and have jewelry stores in Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

Ahmedabad: Courtyard by Marriott,
FF floor,  Ramdevnagar Cross Road,
Satellite Road, Ahmedabad 15
Phone number – 07932957105, 9825095767

Bangalore: Only by Appointment,
Palace Cross Road Next to Mount Carmel College,
Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore
Phone number- 9825095767

6. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

We would love to dress Neeta Ambani…

Shruti Sushma Fine Jewellery


Price (Approx):
Rs 50,000 onwards

Site Internet: http://shrutisushma.com/

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Vasundhara Shining Bright With Her Chunky Necklaces

So by now you must be knowing after reading our last post that Vasundhara is one of the favorite celebrity jewellers and is known for her bold and beautiful jewellery, especially the necklaces. Curious we’re and we couldn’t have only this much, so we went ahead and shooted Vasundhara with our set of questions and asked her about her jewelry and inspirations. For the sweet heart she is, she was more than happy to talk to us.
Vasundhara Mantri of Vasundhara of jewelry

Here’s what Vasundhara has to tell about her Jewelry:

1. What prompted you to start this jewelry line and did you do any professional courses in jewelry designing/making.

I had undergone training at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York. After which I started my career by making jewelry out of glass and beads from home for my friends and relatives. As the word spread, everyone started appreciating my designs which gave me the confidence and a boost to my dream and opening of my store.

Gemstone earring by Vasundhara jewelry

2. Around what theme do you design your jewelry and your inspirations.

I take my inspiration from nature and the cultural heritage of arts and craft it offers. The raw, colourful, sensuous and ancient customs merged and blended with new forces inspire me. Every collection that I have done has been my story or the story of something that has had a personal effect on me.

actress Evelyn sharma as the show stopper for Vasundhara jewellery

Geometric jewelry by Vasundhara jewelry

In my latest, ‘Blurred Lines’ collection showcased at Lakme Fashion Week the idea was to fuse bold geometric elements in a contemporary style yet blending them with traditional sensibilities in an aesthetic manner.

3. Which is your most famous collection among the buyers and so far which age group is mostly fond of your jewellery

My personal favourite is ‘Rock Glamour’ collection comprising of flirtatious classy pieces of agate, pyrite & quartz neckwear and luscious crystal danglers to play magic which injects an urban edge to anyone’s wardrobe. It depends on the taste and likeability of the customers. A part of my clientele prefers more contemporary designs while the other half would like to invest in rich traditional styles. A few like it subtle and a few want a lot of drama to be expressed in their jewelry. Due to a change in perception, a lot of my clients want a blend of both contemporary and ethnic creations making it more wearable type of jewelry. The age group between 20-40 years enjoy my creations.

Contemporary jewelery by Vasundhara

4. How promising is the jewelry market in India and do you see any change in trends recently.

The shoppers these days are looking at how a product is made, from what it is made, where it is made – mainly looking at the quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. Speaking in context of imitation jewelry, I have seen a lot of women preferring to wear costume jewelry on their wedding related ceremonies because firstly they are cost effective and secondly it is the utmost choice for outstation weddings. The quality, craftsmanship and authenticity are a few factors which have influenced the consumer’s buying patterns.

5. What materials you use for your jewelry and what is the price range.

The stones used are all natural such as coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise and onyx and are set in mixed metal with a proportion of silver with proper 24 carat gold rhodium plating and the range is from Rs 2000-15000.

6. Do you have any physical shops in India or abroad. And to which cities/ country you ship your products.

My flagship store is in Kolkata and the address is as following-
The Enclave, 17/1 F, Alipore Road
3rd Floor, Kolkata – 700027

Studio of Vasundhara jewelry

My jewelry is also available in different stores in India such as Ogaan, Aza (Mumbai, New delhi), Nimai (New Delhi) Minerali (Mumbai), Evoluzione (Chennai, Bangalore), Deval (Ahmedabad). I retail mainly in countries such as US, Mexico, UK, Hongkong, Jakarta, U.A.E and Australia.

Online partners for selling my jewelry are PerniaspopupshopIndianhangerStylearrestOgaanCarmaonlineAmazon

7. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Jessica Simpson

Chunky necklace design by Vasundhara jewelry



Price (Approx):
Rs 2000 to Rs 15000

Site Internet: http://vasundhara.in/

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Black gemstone and gold designer necklace

Designer Jewellery By AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers

AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers have a great reputation in Tamil Nadu for the past 87 years for creating sophisticated trendy jewellery. Now they have come to impress Bangaloreans with their exclusive range of immaculate gems and exquisitely crafted jewellery. AVR Swarna Mahal is well known for their reasonable pricing, pure 916 quality, workmanship, design and service.

They displayed designer jewellery at Times Asia Jewels Fair 2015 which had party wear necklaces in unique designs, chokers and headbands which were colored beautifully with oil paint. The collection was huge and the designs were brilliant and very neatly crafted.

Designer jewellery designs

Designer necklace for party wear

Choker necklace design


Designer Jewellery By AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers Designer Jewellery By AVR Swarna Mahal Jeweller Diamond necklaces design by AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers

heavy necklace design

Peacock design necklace

Gold headband with oil painted flowers in purple colorGold headband with oil painted flowers

Colorful peacock pendant designs peacock pendant designs in antique finishantique-Pendant-set Peacock pendant designs

Jeweller Address:

40, T Block, 11th Main,
33rd B Cross, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560041,
Karnataka, India

Apart from Bangalore store they also have several other stores in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, check on the full list of stores here  AVR Swarna Mahal Jewelry Stores

AVR Swarna Mahal

Jewelry Sets

Price (Approx):
Rs 1,00,000 onwards

Site Internet: http://avrswarnamahal.com/

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