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I am sure you would have already been smitten by beautiful necklaces by Tara Jewellers we featured under “Top 10 Wedding Jewellery of 2015“. But one thing you don’t know about them is they give you full freedom to design and customize your wedding jewellery. Be it a new jewellery or you want to rework your mother’s old jewellery they are happy to do it all.  Here Sunayana Vora, VP-Sales of Tara Jewellers tells us all about their jewellery and also shares some tips on jewellery care:

1. What sets you apart from other Wedding Jewellers?

Sunayan Vora – My Karigars give you an opportunity to have a unique, custom made ring or jewellery piece, designed individually for you. We enjoy the process of designing and making a unique piece of jewellery custom made to your preference. We’ll work with you to design that perfect piece, whether you’d like to recreate a piece, re-design your existing jewellery utilizing your own diamonds to create something new and exciting in the process. You may also choose from Tara’s exhaustive design bank of several thousand jewellery designs that can be customized, modified and changed to make a unique, one of a kind piece.

From allowing you to select the combination of gemstones and diamonds to the preferred metal, Tara would assist and deliver beyond – from idea to creation.

Grand diamond and gemstones necklace by Tara Jewellers

2. What special care you take while designing wedding jewellery?

Sunayan Vora – You can bring in your design choice, select from our library, or create a design of your own. Our designers will give you a 3D CAD drawing that almost looks like the real thing! Then you can decide to use your gold and diamonds/precious stones in total or in part. Thus, drastically reducing the money you have to pay for the new customized jewellery.

Although fashion trends play an important role in decision making while trousseau shopping, it is advisable to pick pieces that are classic and timeless for the big day.

3. Where you draw your inspiration for Wedding Jewellery? How far do Indian traditions influence wedding jewellery design?

Sunayan Vora – Wedding jewellery designs are guided by lyrical geometry and find their inspiration in mythology, celestial beings and poetic forms of nature. As a study, it is worthwhile to understand the significance of the inspirations that are popular in Indian jewellery design.

4. What is the star component of wedding jewellery according to you. Is it Gold, Diamond or gemstones?

Sunayan Vora – The wedding trousseau should evenly consist of jewellery in diamond and gold with gemstones.

Diamond necklace for wedding by Tara Jewellers

5. What should Indian brides keep in mind while buying wedding jewellery?

Sunayan Vora – Remember your jewellery should add on to your attire not eclipse it. If your wedding attire is elaborately designed then chic and elegantjewellery will be perfect. Also, think about the hairstyle you would sport on your wedding day. Brides in India mostly prefer a hair up do to flaunt beautiful sparkling earrings on their big day.

One should also ensure that the jewellery retailer has lucrative exchange and buy back policies in place.

Diamond and emerald necklace design

6. Besides Mangalsutra which jewellery item is a must for every bride to get a perfect bridal look?

Sunayan Vora – Bridal attires will be incomplete without a gorgeous neckpiece which is mostly selected keeping in mind the colour and overall style of the bridal dress. Also a carefully chosen ring will adorn your finger as a symbol of your love throughout lifetime.

Brides now lately prefer to wear contemporary styles and select bangles in such a manner that they match with their outfit.  They generally opt for traditional designs for their wedding day but on the day of reception, they prefer the latest trends.

With changing times, brides are wiser to go with jewellery that can be worn for everyday wear. Feminine & stylish, chandeliers in a wide assortment of precious metals, textures, and designs add just the right amount of flirty colour, shine and movement to your bridal look. The Indian version of chandelier earrings, Chandbalis, has become popular lately with in vogue women flaunting it at almost all occasions.

The classic solitaire ring will always be in vogue. Women still have a soft corner for their beloved traditional round solitaire rings. Along with being a girl’s best friend they have the qualities of being classy, elegant and stylish.

7. What is the price range of your wedding jewellery collection?

Sunayan Vora – Our unique service of custom designed jewellery – Tara My Karigar – is based on market requirement of customization for unique designs on an allotted budget with a consultative interaction with the karigar. This initiative allows you to give your diamonds, colored stones and gold to be converted to a bespoke piece of your choice. All you pay is what you would pay a “Karigar”.

Fine bespoke jewelry by Tara jewellers

8. How many stores you have in India and abroad. Do you sell online also?

Sunayan Vora – Utilizing our international experience, we launched our exclusive chain of retail stores under the brand name ‘Tara Jewellers’ in 2010 with the objective of redefining the consumer purchase experience in India. Currently we have more 30+ point of sales with company owned & company operated stores and shop-in- shop format outlets in North, Central and West India. Now you can also buy wedding jewellery from Tara Jewellers on Amazon.in, Snapdeal and Shoppers Stop Online.

9. Suggest some tips to make wedding jewellery more durable to last more years as they have lot of memories attached.

Sunayan Vora – Jewellery should not be thrown into a drawer or on top of a dressing table; it is suggested to keep your baubles in velvet boxes. Be careful when using ring holders or jewellery dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other which ultimately cause damage. Most jewellerycan be washed clean in plain running water. You can use mild detergent or soap to clean the stubborn dirt.

Wear your perfume before you put on jewellery. Also regular servicing is a must for all your fine jewellery. At home you can lightly brush yourjewellery with toothpaste or keep it overnight in soft soapy water.

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