Sanak’s passion for Upcycled Jewellery

When I saw these innovative Upcycled Jewellery on my childhood friend Anjali’s facebook page I was not much surprised. Seeing her love and passion for art and craft since childhood I always knew she would come up with something like this to satisfy her creative self and also bring about awareness for the environment.

She brings together her upcycled products under the name SANAK, the other name for obsession. Sanak’s Upcycled jewellery are born out of waste plastic packets, papers, cardboard or fabric. Each piece is handmade, exclusive and made out of our love for creating something that’s not just uncommon and trendy but also environment friendly and attractive. They have created earrings and hairclips out of Maggi packets, Plastic labels (from jam bottles), diaper packets, magazine pages, cardboard boxes, old T-shirt scraps, old bangles, pizza boxes, among other things. 

Plastic and fabric yarn for making Upcycled jewellery
Plastic yarn made from Jam bottle for making Upcycled jewellery
necklace made from waste paper
Upcycled bangles with thread/crochet work
Upcycled earrings
Hair clips made from Maggi noodles packet


In Sanak’s words “It gives us great pleasure to convert something that people throw away into something useful. It’s like giving life to that piece of trash again..pure Joy! That this reduces the earth’s load of trash bit by bit. is an added bonus, and a strong motivation to carry on.  are cool, light weight and one of a kind, is what some of our buyers have said. 

For more details check out there Facebook page Sanakcrafts



Site Internet: http://www.facebook.com/sanakcrafts/

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