Silver and enamel jewelry inspired by Indian sarees

Rainbows In Silver

Vijayshree Sovani, the internationally awarded Indian jewelry designer, about whom we had written in our last article is currently focusing on making silver jewelry inspired by various Indian themes like Rangoli, Taj Mahal, Madhubani painting and more.

Generally we see silver being paired with pearls, gemstones etc for making some contemporary jewelry and rarely colors, so this collection by Vijayshree is sure a bit different. Her jewelry are part handmade and part casted and enamel colors have been used for painting various designs.

1. Earrings inspired by Madhubani paintings

madhubani inspired silver and enamel jewelry

2. Earrings inspired by Rangoli

Rangoli inspired Silver and enamel earring

3. Earrings inspired by Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal inspired Silver and enamel earring

4. Silver thread earrings

Yellow and blue enamel and silver earring

5. Henna design inspired silver earrings

Henna design inspired silver earrings

Check on her facebook page for complete collection  

Vijayshree Sovani Designs


Price (Approx):
Rs 800 to Rs 4000

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