How to make Upcycled Jewelry from clothes Tag

I got a new dress for my daughter and it came with a blue Tag and stars printed on it. Somehow I did not feel like throwing off such a pretty tag and been bitten by DIY bug these days I thought of making some Upcycled jewelry out of it.

This was just around the days of Janamasthmi, the festival of Lord Krishna who is the symbol of Love so the theme of my jewelry also got inspired with it. I sat down with my hubby and we did some thinking here and there with sketches and came up with this form. Krishna and Radha symbolizing Love and a Bansuri. Finally sketched it on the tag, colored in blue(Krishna’s color), golden and added a blue thread string to make a pendant. upcycled-jewelry-idea


Hope you liked it, would love to know in comments below…



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