‘Lupt Kala’ Jewelry brings back the lost art…

‘Lupt Kala’ jewelry collection by Silver Nut Tree is a tribute to the lost art of India like Ganjifa of Orissa, Buddhist Pala paintings, Bengal Patachitra and likewise. This collection has motifs hand painted on necklaces, rings, earrings using these extinct art forms and the paintings are inspired by Indian gods, goddess and folklores.

Blue floral tile earrings painted with lost Indian painting style

‘Lupt Kala’ means ‘Lost Art’ which has been forgotten with the passing years due to unfavorable situations or negligence. This jewelry collection is a great effort to revive these forgotten painting styles of India by capturing them in the form of jewelry and presenting it to the world. Another interesting aspect of this jewelry is that they are made of upcycled products like PET plastic bottles which help reduce waste generated, but this does not reduce in any way the rich feel and traditional look of this jewelry. I am sure all the art lovers would love to add this ‘Lupt Kala’ jewelry to their collection.

Painted upcycled jewellery by Silver Nut tree
Blue bird painting on a ring
Lupt Kala jewelry by Silver Nut Tree
Lord Ganesha painted on a pendant
Adinath Jain miniature earrings by Silver Nut Tree

Silver Nut Tree


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