Legendary Yudhishthira inspiration for my earrings

I had my eyes on Unniyarcha Epic jewellery collection” inspired by the legendary characters of Mahabharata about which I mentioned in my previous post. I picked up these Yudhishthira Earrings and Ring to pair with my traditional embroidered saree as it’s sleek circular design appealed to me.

These designer jewellery are inspired by Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandava brothers. He was an excellent warrior and very good at spear fighting and chariot racing on the war field. The circular form of the chariot wheels is the inspiration of the circular form of these earrings and ring. The spear on the other hand inspires the stick of the earrings which are attached to the circle.


indian-jewellery-magazine-with-latest-designs   unniyarcha-epic-jewellery-collection

These earrings are made in 18K gold plated brass with semi-precious stones. These earrings are very contemporary to wear and also light weight, though the delicate design needs to be taken care while wearing.

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Site Internet: http://unniyarcha.com

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