Kalpana Rajesh And Her Flower Jewelry

So the last time when I talked about Flower Jewelry by Pelli Poola Jada¬†I promised to get back to you with a small talk with the Founder Kalpana Rajesh to give more details about her work. And here’s a small questionaire which Kalpana loved to answer for Jewelsome readers ūüôā

Swati: What does ‚ÄėPelli Pooda Jada‚Äô mean?

Kalpana Rajesh: Pellipoolajada is the traditional floral hair style of Telugu brides which every bride dreams of wearing on her wedding day.  With this brand name, we design all floral accessories for the bride. 


Swati: Do you have a family background in flower jewelry or something inspired you to make a new beginning. 

Kalpana Rajesh:¬†I’m a chemical engineer by profession, started making Poolajadalu(floral hair style) as a hobby.¬†Inspired by the big Bollywood trend of wearing¬†fresh flower jewellery¬†for mehndi, we got requests for flower jewellery as well. For¬†the huge demand, we expanded to Flower jewellery, garlands and other bridal accessories.

Swati: Why did you choose Flowers which are perishable as the object of your jewelry, leaving conventional materials like gold and silver.

Kalpana Rajesh: Really I don’t have an answer, why I choose flowers over gold and silver. It happened by chance and I loved working with flowers and brides. Now any expansion of my business is either related to flowers or to brides.

Floral jewelry is something that makes all women feel special and unique. That is the reason, these days flower jewellery is worn for Godh bharai, Seemantam,Nalugu, pellikooturu and Haldi functions too. Especially flower jewellery for haldi is very common among Indian brides.

Bridal flower jewelry

Swati: What theme you use to make Flower jewelry, can it be customized by the customers.

Kalpana Rajesh:¬†We take the color theme of Bride’s dress. Any design of our catalog can be customized to match the dress.¬†

Swati: Which is your favorite flower for making jewelry and why so.

Kalpana Rajesh: Jasmine is my favorite flower for its sweet smell. Jasmine buds with their stems removed resemble pearls and many beautiful designs can be made from these buds. 90 percent of our brides prefer floral jewelry designs with jasmine buds, so they are popular with brides too. For combination I like using bright orchids, as they stay fresh for long.

Flower and gemstone ring

Swati: What is the method used to make Flower jewelry and for how many days it can stay fresh.

Kalpana Rajesh: Making flower jewelry is time taking and tedious, it takes 2-3 hours for 20 workers to make a intricate flower jewelry set . It stays fresh for 4 hours maximum after wearing it. Not to worry about the shelf life of flowers, as flowers give the message to live life to fullest, the moment and the minute.

Swati: What is the price range of your flower jewelry.

Kalpana Rajesh: As flower jewelry is relatively new to South Indian brides, to promote this new trend, we make fresh flower jewelry set for 2600-8000/- Rs depending on type of flowers, accessories used in jewelry. 

Swati: To which cities and country you ship your products.

Kalpana Rajesh:¬†Pellipoolajada’s branches are available in all districts of Andhrapradesh and Telangana.

We operate with name¬†“Vaagai”¬†in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka & Singapore, ¬†“AnooFlowerJewellery”¬†in Delhi & Mumbai,¬†‚ÄúPellipoolajadaUSA‚Ä̬†in Boston, Texas and Atlanta.

Swati: Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

Kalpana Rajesh:¬†I wish to design flower¬†jewelry¬†for beautiful actresses in the movies directed by “Krishna Vamsi” garu.¬†Krishna Vamsi garu¬†is adept at presenting beauty of woman in the most appealing and mesmerizing way.

Check her collection on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PelliPoolaJada

Contact Kalpana Rajesh at  Pellipoolajada@gmail.com

Pelli Poola Jada


Price (Approx):
Rs 2600 to Rs 8000

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  1. Hi
    I want this jewellery for my sisters marriage haldi ceremony.
    I just want to fulfill her wish so please let me know where can I buy this in Pune city or nearby Pune.
    I really want it so reply asap before January.
    You can also mail me details at pdjoshi5896@gmail.com

  2. Hi,

    I posted half n hour back about my request. Not sure how it got deleted.

    Again, it’s a request for a Fresh Flower Jewellery for upcoming Godbharai on 18th Sept, 2016 i@ Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

    Do you deliver?

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi,

    I have a god bharai function in Bhavnagar, Gujarat on 18th September, 2016. Can you tell me if you deliver there?

    If yes, I would like to get in touch for details

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  4. We have a godhbharai function on 3 sep 2016 can u send me simple flower jewelry pics with cost and how and when should we order ?

  5. Lovely design..l have become a fan of your art..and want to learn this art..so pls contact me through my mail I’d..

  6. Need flowers jewellery… Please send ur contact #&address. If possible send some pictures of flowers jewellery for Godh bharai & price as well

      1. Hi,
        it’s a request for a Fresh Flower Jewellery for upcoming Godbharai on 10th MARCH, 2017 @ Bhagwan nagar, nagpur.maharashtra

        Do you deliver?

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  7. Hello ……..m looking for haldi n mehendi function flower jewellery ……..can u plz send me ur address n phone number on 09413001382

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    where r u located ? i need the ornaments on 17 th jan 2016. plz mail me your details with sample photographs and pricing.

  9. We have “Godbharai” function of my sister on 31st Otc 2015. I need flower jwellery set. Please send me the sample images along with the cost

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    My name is Deepti, we have a Seemantha function at home on 14th October 2015. I wa t to wear flower jewellery on the function day. Pls help me to buy and contact you.


        1. I want flower Jewellery design along with cost for my sisters marriage. Please mail me where u located. Wedding is on 01st January 2016

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