Joyati’s Fabric Jewellery are beautiful and unconventional


This is Joyati and on the onset would like to thank Jewelsome for introducing me here to express myself and my work related to fabric jewellery.

After working in the corporate sector for 13 long years it was time to take a call and attend to my passion. I have always had a penchant for all things usual being given an unusual touch to render something more beautiful. Even the mundane and the obvious becomes distinct and unique if treated in an unconventional way to appease the aesthetic sense. This passion gave birth to my child Joyati’s…my venture to accessorize homes and oneself.

Joyati’s basically deals with unconventional fabric and threaded jewelleries. This is something new and different where a metallic pendant rests on a fabric tassels and chokers of various designs. Its  interesting to try these fabrics in varied and unusual colour combinations. The colours, the designs, the fabrics, the patterns when put together give a completely divergent look to a piece of jewellery.




Today in a current scenario of plenty and variety, the exclusivity helps a long way both for the seller and the buyer. Wish to explore and do more in this arena to reach out and sustain. On the personal end those long years in MNC s didn’t fetch as much self satisfaction as much as my work does now. Thanks to an extremely supportive family and encouraging friends which helped me to give a flight to my dreams and desires Though a long way to go, yet happy for the first few steps. handmade-fabric-jewellery-by-joyatis


That’ss all for now!!!Thank you!!

You can reach me on mobile +91 9903034054 for jewellery buying enquiry and check out latest updates on my facebook page Joyatis

Joyati Nag

I ventured into jewellery to give way to my creative side after working in corporate sector for 13 years. I love to make unconventional jewellery with have a high aesthetic appeal.

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