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Jewelsome ‘Guessing’ Contest and the Winner

Jewelsome recently conducted a fun contest on Bride Essential, a leading Facebook Forum which caters to all bridal shopping requirements. The contest was a simple one where the participants had to guess the weight of Gota Jewelry which I had worn in the below picture, along with telling the occasion they would wear it.

Gota jewellery design India

Now since Gota jewelry is one of the lightest form of jewelry guessing the weight would mean being precise to each gram. But the participants showed great enthusiasm and there were lot of guesses very near to the exact weight.

But there was only one person who hit the bull’s eye. Shravani Chandu guessed the weight perfectly as 14 grams. For her crisp guess our winner would get a full set of Gota jewelry(necklace, earrings, ring, maang tikka) as a prize. YAY!!!

Blog contest winner announcement at Jewelsome

Gota jewellery winner at Indian jewelry blog Jewelsome

We’ll be having more contests in the future, and next time more prizes are guaranteed!


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