Jewelry with a Philosophy by Eina Ahluwalia

It is also our secret crusade to subvert the paradigm of jewellery as a means of ornamentation loaded with patriarchal symbolisers, a way to appear more beautiful” –Elina Ahluwalia said this with proud and a little shine in her eyes.

How delighted I am to recently meet the creative jewelry artist behind such a beautiful thought. Jewelry are made with heart and some with mind but when both of these come together in a Jewelry we can expect something beautiful.

Eina Ahluwalia, the Conceptual Jewelry Artist conducted a trunk show Bangalore and it was a delight to meet her and learn about her jewelry inspiration and motivation. Her jewelry is designed around a message related to Feminism or Spirituality sometimes sublime and sometimes loud and steering into the face. Each piece is handcrafted to give it a unique and personal feel which is a speciality of designer pieces. A sneak peak at her popular collections which convey her philosophy:

Love Jewelry

This collection is all about Love or Pyaar.  It’s not about romance and lust, but love…Deeper, higher love that connects us all at a human level. Wear it to show you stand for love for the other side.

Love Pyar necklace…

Eina ahluwalia jewelry inspired by beautiful message

Magniloquence/Spiritual Jewelry

This is collection of Eina Ahluwalia classic and best sellers from over last 11 years. It consists of Ginormous earrings that are hand crafted and either gold plated or black rhodium plated. It is highly inspired by spiritual themes like Trishul, Durga, Ganesha, Chakra…

Goddess Durga cutwork handmade jewelry on Indian jewelry blog
Goddess Durga cutwork handmade earrings
Beautiful trishul necklace jewelry
Beautiful trishul necklace jewelry
Priyanka Chopra wearing 3d Trishul earrings
Arrow head shaped calligraphic jewelry
Arrowhead earrings, handcrafted and lightweight

Best of Eina Ahluwalia jewelry at Indian jewelry blog

Personalized jewelry

Customized Name necklaces in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengal. Hand cut in sterling silver with 22k gold plating!

Personalized pendant necklace by Eina ahluwalia

Wedding vows

Signature ‘Love.Respect.Protect’ earrings to remind you of a vow you make to yourself :To love, respect & protect yourself, even if no one else does…
Cutwork maang tikka by Eina Ahluwalia
Fretwork ‘Jaali’ maang tikka…

Conceptual jewelry by Eina Ahluwalia

conceptual jewelry by Eina ahluwalia at Indian jewelry blog

Material Used: Silver silver/Brass with 22k gold plating

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