Jewellery talk with Suguna from ‘Koral Tree’

You look at ‘Koral Tree‘ Jewelry once and I am sure you will stop to stare again. Especially their Jhumka’s made in polymer clay which have turned the traditional one’s into a piece of art inspired by the beauty of nature around.

We had a Jewellery talk with Designer and Founder Suguna about ‘Koral Tree’ magic and what makes it so unique and admired by jewelry lovers. Here’s what she had to say:

1. How ‘Koral Tree’ Jewelry is different from other Polymer clay jewelry.

It is very tricky to get a perfect finish in Polymer clay jewelry. We at Koral tree have a disciplined craftsmanship and our artisans are trained to give the best and do justice to our designs. That is what sets us apart from others.



2. What is the theme and inspiration of ‘Koral Tree’ jewelry.

Koral Tree focuses on elegant yet artistic jewelry with floral and divinity themes . Our designs are inspired by simple yet edgy geometric lines and shapes that render a daring elegance to our jewelry. Our colours are inspired by the magical beauty of nature – the soothing green of trees, the passionate red of roses, the royal violet of violas or the hypnotising blue of seas. Anything that catches our eye is turned into a piece of masterpiece

3. The story behind the name ‘Koral Tree’

Of all the colors that fascinate me as a designer, Koral stands out for its vibrancy. Further, tree symbolizes growth.

4- What material you use for coloring, is it sensitive for the skin. As it is of clay what would be it’s life span.

Polymer clay cannot be compared with Terracotta clay as it is synthetic clay and doesn’t need to be colored. It already comes in different color blocks which can be blended as well to get an array of more colors. It is very malleable and ductile while conditioning and after curing at 180 degree C, it becomes very sturdy and light weight too! It is for lifetime as it is unbreakable and color doesn’t fade or bleed. It has been used in the west as a jewelry making material for over a decade now



5- Are the ‘Koral Tree’ Jewelry handmade.

These are delicately handcrafted pieces of artistry. Millefiori technique is used to mould the clay and to produce unique decorative patterns resulting in an impressive range of beads and pendants

6- How you plan to expand it in future.

Our primary source of revenue is from our website and that is where we plan to invest more. Additionally, we make custom designs for curated marketplaces like Tjori, Indianroots etc for a better brand recognition.

Koral Tree


Price (Approx):
Rs 350 onwards

Site Internet: http://www.koraltree.com/

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