Jewellery talk with designer ‘Maithili Kabre’

Maithili Kabre’s jewellery brand believes in the power of beauty and strength of personality of a woman who knows her mind. Their collections are inspired by the varied facets of being a woman. Here’s the story of this Luxurious fashion jewellery in Maithili Kabre’s words…

1. What prompted you to start this Jewellery line and did you do any Professional courses in jewellery designing/making.

I am an Architect by training. However, I started making and selling handmade costume jewellery since 2004 during my college years. After my post-graduation in Lifestyle Accessory Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, I started a Jewellery label-‘Swa’ in 2009. I have refined my design and jewellery making skills and also trained in basic Jewellery making at IIGJ, Mumbai.


2. What is the theme of your Jewellery and what inspires you.

My jewellery is inspired by and designed for women and their various aspects. The main focus is jewellery that looks great when worn than just being a pretty object on it’s own. We have also launched our first conceptual collection this year titled –Galileo. This collection is inspired by the work of the great scientist while working with the earth as our main motif. With this collection, we have also forayed into basic mechanics and made jewellery that rotates and is playful, while being highly fashionable and avant garde.

3. Your most famous collection with the buyers and which age group is fond of your jewellery

Women who are fond of well made luxurious things and have an eye for detail are our customers. The age-group is mainly around 30-45 years old, working women. We widely work with juicy colours in original Swarovski crystals, which makes most of our statement earrings very popular with buyers.


4. How promising you find the jewellery market in India and do you see any change in trends recently.

The jewellery market is looking upwards as we slowly see refined and varied designer costume jewellery getting popular. Customer mindset is definitely moving away from investment jewellery to wearable, high fashion jewellery

5. What materials you use for your jewellery and what is the price range.

All our jewellery is hand-crafted in brass, with 18k Gold plating. We widely work in Swarovski crystals and cubic zircons. The price range is Rs. 2500 for our minis range upto Rs. 9500 for statement earrings and goes upto Rs. 20000 for our statement necklaces.

6. Where do you have shops in India/abroad. To which cities/ country you ship your products.

We retail at Minerali, Mumbai and Nimai, New Delhi. We ship across India and get surprised by a lot of non-Metro customers. Internationally we have sold at an exhibition in Japan, stores in Singapore and ship regularly to USA and UK based customers.


7. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

A lot of A-list Bollywood stars wear our jewellery regularly. However, the most gratifying experience is always a customer message stating the happiness of the product and how they feel once they adorn the jewellery. My dream would definitely be to have more of such experiences as that is always the starting point of each design and it is great when it comes to a happy full circle.

Maithili Kabre


Price (Approx):
Rs 2,500 to Rs 20,000

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