Eco-friendly terracotta rakhi

Its Time to go for Eco-Friendly Rakhi’s

So much destruction being done to Nature, I feel if each of us put little bit effort to do our bit we would be leaving a better planet for our children. Knowingly or unknowingly we generate so much of waste every day which is difficult to recycle or reuse. Some of these things are custom born as they come from generations, but we forget to realise those were different days. As of today we cannot afford to have a blind eye to such issues.

Happy to see thoughtful people like Sachi Singh Chandel are thinking bit different. Sachi is a terracotta artist and used her talent to make some Eco-friendly Rakhi’s this time. Terracotta Rakhi’s, isn’t it quite unconventional and out of the box thinking and nevertheless these terracotta Rakhi’s are very special in so many ways. They have a very personal feel to it as it is handmade and unique. When you pass your fingers over it you would get a feel of having little piece of earth with you.

How to make eco-friendly rakhi from terracotta
Terracotta rakhi’s in the making at Sachi’s
Rakhi making idea from Terracotta
All set for Raksha Bandhan 🙂

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan idea at Indian Jewelry blog

Unique and unconventional rakhi design

The biggest advantage is they are easily recyclable. Whenever you don’t want to wear it anymore or it breaks you can simply put it in a flower pot with mud and let it go back to it’s origin – Mother Earth.

So this Raksha Bandhan why don’t we also help our nature by using eco-friendly rakhi’s. Sachi’s Terracotta rakhi are available for sale at Worldartcommunity



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Rs 200 onwards

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