ISHARYA – Jewelry With California Aesthetics And Indian Glam

Isharya Jewelry has California aesthetics and Indian glam and has a global feel to it. Their statement pieces are not just for special occasions as they can be worn any day and hence best known as Effortless Chic Jewelry. We connected with the founders, Gauri Tandon and Radhika Tandon who are sister-in-laws and the face behind Isharya Jewelry and asked them all about Isharya…

Gauri and Radhika Tandon of ISHARYA jewelry
Gauri Tandon and Radhika Tandon

1. What prompted you to start Isharya and do you have any professional degrees in jewelry designing.

We started ISHARYA as a passion project in 2004 after noticing a void in the market for high-quality, Indian-inspired fashion jewelry. In 2007, after receiving frequent product features from editors and celebrities, we decided to focus on the company full-time. Since then, we’ve continued to build the brand and present new collections each season.

Gauri Tandon: I grew up in Delhi and studied Fashion Merchandising at The American College in London. I later got my masters degree in Business Studies in London at the London School of Economics. Today, I live in Mumbai and have two sons. Family is very important to us and infact, the name ISHARYA is a combination of our children’s names, Radhika’s daughter Arya and my two sons Armaan and Ishaan.

Radhika Tandon: I was born in London and lived in four different countries while growing up. I finally settled in California where I graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and later attended law school in San Francisco. I married Gauri’s brother-in-law and started practicing intellectual property litigation, but in 2007, I left the law firm to focus on ISHARYA full time.
Temple Muse jewelry by isharya

2. How do you choose the theme of your jewelry and what inspires you.

Most of our designs are inspired by nature, architecture, global travel and India’s rich heritage. India, without a doubt, is known for its rich, diverse and colorful culture and as a natural result, women who appreciate beauty cannot help but be attracted to it.

ISHARYA is constantly challenged to present a fresh perspective and interpretation of India’s aesthetics in a modern, high-quality way that appeals to global trendsetters. This dedication is what keeps us ahead in India’s costume jewelry movement.

3. Your most famous collection with the buyers and which age group is mostly fond of your jewelry.

The ISHARYA team strives to create innovative designs that appeal to women around the world. They not only want the collections to be in line with current fashion trends, but they also aim to create pieces that will be relevant years from now. The delicate and intricate detailing of our filigree collections has always been very popular, and this season’s new Temple Muse collection features filigree designs as well as styles encrusted with gemstones like blue lapis, amazonite, and golden rutile contrasted with Japanese cotton pearls. The collection has really resonated with the need to have statement, yet wearable accessories what we like to call ‘Effortless chic’.

White Hampi earrings and necklace by IsharyaEarrings and necklace design by Isharya jewelry

4. How promising is the Indian jewelry market and do you see any change in trends recently.

Technology has made women around the world more aware of the other’s sense of style and way of life. Isharya is thrilled to be in a position to provide a fresh perspective and interpret India’s aesthetics in a modern way that appeals to global fashionistas who are evolved and don’t believe jewelry has to be high-cost to be high-quality. went live in July 2013 and it has given our India based clients the opportunity to view our currently stocked products with a Rupee price tag at their convenience on their desktop computer or mobile device.  Adding a “Shop in India” feature on our global website was a natural result of our growing brand presence in the Indian market.

5. Materials used for jewelry and what is the price range.

Our products approximately range from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 20,000 and are 18kt gold-plated brass. We use materials such as resin, hand-cut “polki” mirror’s and semi precious stones.

This season, we innovated with a new material called cotton pearls from Japan, which are very lightweight and elegant.

6. Do you have any physical shops in India or abroad. To which cities/ country you ship your products.

Today Isharya is sold in over 600 stores worldwide ranging from small eclectic fashion boutiques to iconic retailers like Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, Gallaries Lafayette, Henri Bendel, and online on Net-a-Porter. The fact that it is global is definitely an achievement.

We are also now sold online in India at and at fine retailers such as Ensemble, Bombay Electric, Evoluzione and Good Earth. While we don’t have any stand-alone stores, the online collections are updated in real time to reflect current stock and we launch new arrivals every few weeks with a fresh editorial photo shoot.

Filigree Spoke Collection Jewelry by Isharya

7. Whom do you dream to adorn in your jewelry in future.

We’d love to accessorize Beyonce because she exudes glamour, or Amal Clooney because she’s a beautiful and modern global women.



Price (Approx):
Rs 3,500 to Rs 20,000

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