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Gold Wedding Jewellery By Nikhaar Jewellers – Times Asia Jewels Fair

Nikhaar Jewellers, Bangalore are famous for their traditional gold jewellery and this year at Times Asia Jewels Fair 2015 they displayed a magnificent collection of gold Wedding Jewellery. The main attraction of the display was the “Azva – Seven Vows Of Marriage” and Temple jewelry collection.

The collection was predominantly designed for south indian weddings which consisted of heavy necklaces crafted skillfully in gold and red rubies. These gold necklaces are made in various lengths and are therefore perfect for layering during the ceremony. They are accompanied by beautiful dangler earrings in matching designs and finger rings.

Gold Wedding Jewellery sets by Nikhaar Jewellers

gold wedding jewellery by Nikhaar jewellers

Azva collection jewellery by Nikhaar jewellers

7 rubies are embedded in the necklaces to signify the “7 vows of marriage” of Azva collection.

Azva- The 7 vows of wedding jewellery collection

Wedding sets for south indian weddings

Bridal necklace design by Nikhaar jewellers

Gold jewelry design for south indian brides

Necklace from Temple jewelry collection which is very famous among south indian weddings.

Temple jewellery collection by Nikhaar jewellers

Jeweller Address:

Nikhaar Jewels Pvt. Ltd.
No. 10/2 & 10/4, Richmond Road,Richmond Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Phone: 080 2210 3288

Nikhaar Jewellers

Bridal Jewelry, Jewelry Sets

Price (Approx):
Rs 1,60,000 to Rs 8,00,000 approx

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