Sound wave engraved jewelry

Gift Love With Personalized Jewellery By AuGrav

We all like to gift our loved one’s with something which is unique(not too common), long lasting and most important of all reflects our Love for them. But searching a gift which fulfills all these requirements was always a herculean task for me until I was came to know about engraved jewellery which has a personal touch added to it.

AuGrav is one such brand which provides us various options to customise any jewelry piece like rings, pendants, bracelet, bangle. Basically we just need to decide which jewelry we want to be engraved and with want and they will do it for us. They offer variety of products like Name pendant/ring, Sound wave rings, fingerprint rings, bar code rings, photo engraved gold coin and more. My favorite among these is the name pendant, very personal and stylish. Also Sound wave rings are a nice choice as couple gift for wedding for both bride and groom with their names and sound waves engraved on it for lifetime of remembrance.

Sound Wave ring engraved with Names

Sound wave engraved jewellery Voice engraved gold ring

Name pendant made in goldPersonalized jewellery by Augrav Photo engraved gold coin by Augrav

We can also customize a pendant or a ring by getting it printed with 3d image of our loved ones which makes it very personal and worth carrying with ourself all the time. This gift will always be loved by parents with the image of their kids printed as this way they can always keep a picture of their kids with themselves.

Family photo 3D printed on a pendant

Family photo 3D printed on a pendant

Couple Fingerprint pendant

Finger printed pendant

Zodiac pendant

Zodiac ring 3d printed by Augrav

AuGrav makes jewelry in both silver and gold as per our preference. All three kinds of shades of gold – yellow,rose and white are available in 14k, 18k and 22k. They generally deliver the product in 7-8 days time and ordering the jewelry is made very easy through their website Augrav. They can be also be contacted directly at or +91 9894035834

More about the Jeweller:

AuGrav ( Au- Chemical Symbol of Gold, Grav – To make, to engrave) is the world’s pioneering Personalized Jewelry Brand.  AuGrav leverages cutting edge technologies like Rapid Prototyping, and 3D printing to manufacture unique personalized & customized jewels.  AuGrav believes each and every one of the 7 billion people on earth are unique, and everyone deserves a unique piece of jewelry. ”



Price (Approx):
Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000

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