Flower Jewellery for my Godh Bharai

I have always wished to wear beautiful flower jewellery made by my friend Kalpana from Pelli Poola Jada but never really got a chance. But last week when my friends arranged for my surprise Baby shower/Godh bharai my husband made sure this wish of mine came true. He along with Kalpana got me made beautiful Earrings and Maang Tikka in fresh jasmine flowers. They also got a gorgeous purple flower Tiara which made me feel no less than a Queen on my baby shower 🙂


Among all the jewellery I have worn so far flower jewellery is really special and different. First of all it is very soft and delicate to touch and has a feminine character to it. It also carries a sweet smell of flowers which felt very pleasing while I was wearing it. And as it was made of fresh flowers it was easy to recycle them after they wither without creating any junk, so they are eco friendly too.



Have you tried flower jewellery yet, how did you feel after wearing it?

Pelli Poola Jada


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