Fashion Jewelry Waste Of Money???

When I was 14, one evening my dad came back from office and he could barely put his bag on almirah. And I just ran up to him to pester to buy a set of those cheap, imitation jewelry which my mom refused to buy on the way back from shopping. Mom was the finance minister of the house and kept a strict control on our spendings and for her fashion jewelry was just a waste of money. Though she occasionally gifted me gorgeous precious jewelry which I still have with me. While my father pampered me and would let me buy those trinkets to make me super happy and giggly for entire day. 

That kid inside me has yet not grown up enough. I still have a soft bias for the Fashion jewelry, though the taste has evolved with due course of time and love to spend a good chunk of my money on it. Here are some thoughts which keep me going for the fashion jewelry even today, if you share the same thought let me know by giving your vote below…

  • Fashion jewelry are light on pocket hence expense friendly. So instead of buying an expensive gold jewelry I buy variety of Fashion jewelry and still save much more. As an investment there are some equally good investment options now other than Gold with less hassle. 
  • They are more diverse in material, color and designs available, so I get to choose jewelry which suits my personality and mood. I can style my cotton kurta with terracota jewelry, my jeans T-shirt with retro jewelry and more.
  • These fashion centric jewelry come and go and help me keep my wardrobe clean and fresh at all times. Old goes and makes room for the new.
  • Last, my life is risk free and tension free when it comes to jewelry. Can’t imagine myself walking freely on the roads wearing an expensive gold jewelry.



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