DIY Statement Lace Choker Necklace

Hello all….!!!! STATEMENT jewellery which I always dream about and these are rarely found and if found Costly. So thought of  making it myself and it was  successful and would love to share the process with you all.

Chalo lets begin how to make Lace Choker Necklace, here is what all we need:

  1. Lace
  2. Jumprings
  3. Charms
  4. Bracelet lock
  5. Pillers
  6. Beads (optional )
  7. Angel wings (optional)
  8. Headpins (optional)

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STEP 1: How to make a Lace choker necklace at home

Wrap lace around your neck and cut the desired length. Open up the Jumpring and add Charm to it now, start by adding charms from middle . Arrange charms by leaving little gaps in between and finish it off by using jump rings.


Now open up another jump ring and add 2 more to it  keep doing until you form a  chain… and join  that to your left side of the chain and add bracelet lock to right side using Jumpring and your done….!!! Pretty simple lace choker is ready to roll…!!!  

How to make Lace Choker Necklace at home





Here another version of the lace necklace with a Bold look

STEP 1:  

I’m taking little broad lace , wrap it around your neck and cut the desired length of lace, As it broad i thought trimming it a bit on sides.


Now, As i had angel wings and beads with me i’m planning to style up my lace with these ..

Take an headpin add drop bead followed by angel wing and a small round bead and close it off using pillers my angel would be ready..!!

For small beads in between angles i’m taking an headpin add round bead and a silver bead close it off using pilers ( completely optional you can use whatever readily available instantly with you )




All my angels and small beads were ready,

No i arranged these in a way i wish to make it by using jumprings add them to the lace..!!


Finish it off by adding bracelet lock and chain to it … as it is a broad one i added chains on top and bottom and itz done…..!!




Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials coming up soon by me ?

Dhanya Sri Chowdary

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