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The other day I saw a chain ring on and liked how simple and dainty it was looking.  A thought flashed to my mind “Why not try making it” and after some search made my own version of a chain ring. I used an old bracelet which I had bought on a impulse but did not like much, so it seemed a nice idea to transform it to a product of my choice.

It was fun to break and make things after a long time and reminded me childhood days when we would make rings out of everything like electrical wires, flowers, clay and what not.

DIY Chain Ring from old bracelet

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make this chain ring. All you need is a piece of chain and a plier, a long nose plier and a jump ring(circular link to connect two end which be easily found in old jewelry).

DIY-chain-ring DIY-chain-ring-tutorial

Full tutorial on

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