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Rangpitaara – where everything is Hindustani, handmade, beautiful and eye catching!!! Appropriate for its name, it really is a pitaara full of rang/colours! Launched by two budding IT professionals, Ekta Mathur and Nirali Jariwala, Rangpitaara will help you bring “Hindustani kala” to your homes in various forms right from the source.

In their own words, “we knew many artisans and house wives who were very creative and created wonderful pieces of art but unfortunately, lay buried under the load of social responsibilities and traditional ways of selling and made far less then what they deserved.”

colorful jewelry for-sale-by-rangpitaaraembroidered-necklace-in-yellow-and-brown

Rangpitaara aims to support these artisans and to provide to them a sound platform so that their creations reach the online market and they receive the value and appreciation they deserve.

Initially it was difficult to convince these artists to accept the online option, devote more time in their art and work professionally so that a constant flow of articles can be created. We launched our website, and started marketing these creations. Luck always favors the hardworking, especially when the intention behind the project is to support and promote the people at the grassroot level.

Rangpitaara is becoming more and more popular, day by day.The lion share of our products goes to our artisans and that is precisely the reason that Rangpitaara today has many designers and artists who are constantly coming up with exclusive items in various categories like laces, borders, buttons, jewellery, clothing and home decor. We have a wide range of items handmade intricately from colorful pom poms, mirrors, tassels, shells etc to give each item an ethnic yet modern look. We are continuously in search for people who have similar talents and want to showcase their work to the world. We want to keep the Indian tradition and the raw art alive!



If you think you have something that we can add to our pitaara, please feel to contact us. We will be more than happy to open our Rangpitaara for you! You can email us on Contact@rangpitaara.com or buy jewellery online at Rangpitaara.com


Rangpitaara is an e-commerce platform for laces, borders, artificial hand made jewellery, antiques, handicrafts and various similar small and big things which are artistically attractive and have an ethnic touch.

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