bestatwork-with-tanishq-mia-workwear-jewellery featuring Nandita Das

#BestAtWork with Tanishq Mia

#BestAtWork Tanishq Mia’s new advertorial is beautiful and inspiring. It says that dressing smartly at work no doubt makes us more confident, energetic and the only thing we women want to focus on work is being our Best and Nothing else matters like gossips and discouragement from fellow beings…With stylish Mia collection being advertised subtly as the favorite option for workwear Jewelry, the Ad still conveying it’s message. Although I believe showcasing women from varied fields besides office spaces, would have appealed to wider audience.

The Ad goes like this “To those who live in their little Bubble, that a girl can’t juggle with office and home because they think it will be such a struggle…Welllll it’s the last thing on my mind“.

What do you feel after watching this Ad, does the brand succeed in sending a message of breaking stereotype with Nandita Das featured in it???



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