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Designer jewellery at craftsvilla

Designer Jewellery at Craftsvilla

Couple of days back I was looking for some jewellery online for my saree. But I did not get many options in traditional jewellery. I was mostly getting options for light fashion jewellery or only few designs in traditional ones. But then I came across I had always thought that they are into apparels and designer wear. Now I found they have so much variety in Jewellery designs. There collection has lot of traditional as well as contemporary collection. has a huge collection in traditional jewellery from various sellers in different price ranges. If you are not in mood to spend too much on traditional pieces you can pick up a nice imitation jewellery in affordable price too. On other hand there are many famous jewellers too like Gehna jewellers, Dilan jewels, Atc Diamonds and their gold and diamond jewellery is available for buying. aims to bring together various artists from across India to one platform so that art lovers get to buy directly from the artists. This is a great effort to revive many lost arts of India which were getting ignored due to lack of proper patronage. On Craftsvilla besides jewellery other products are also available for sale from various artists like ethnic wear, accessories, home decor etc.

I loved gemstone and pearls jewellery collection. Especially the royal looking 7 line Rani Haar or popularly known as Satlada necklace. It’s made in white pearls, stones and have a perfect Royal like fall for sarees and salwar suits.

7 line Rani Haar:Satlada necklace

Next favorite is Navratan Pearl Long Necklace Set. This beautiful necklace set is handcrafted in Navratna beaded alloy with imitation ruby, onyx and zircon. It is a definite head turner at any event and functions.

Navratan Pearl Long Necklace Set at Craftsvilla

The complete Bridal jewellery sets is another interesting collection. Made in Kundan and Polki this collection has following. So no need to assemble separate pieces for bridal wear, it’s all available in same set.

2 necklaces
Pair of earrings
1 Maang Tikka
1 pair of haath phool 1 nose ring

Kundan bridal jewellery full set design

Some of the jewellery pieces I would love to buy from

1. Polki and Savorite Gemstone Studded Peacock Shape Bangle        Polki and Savorite Gemstone Studded Peacock Shape Bangle

2. Kundan Meenakari Necklace SetKundan Meenakari Necklace Set

3. 9 Rows Of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald necklace

9 Rows Of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald necklace

4. Cindrella Princess Imitation Diamond Finger Diamond Nail Ring

Cindrella Princess Imitation Diamond Finger Diamond Nail Ring

5. Gorgeous Bollywood Style Designer EarringsGorgeous Bollywood Style Designer Earrings

6. Green Tumbled Emerald Bead Drop earringsGreen Tumbled Emerald Bead Drop earrings

7. Rankosh Silver Antique statement necklace

Rankosh Silver Antique statement necklace

8. Multi layer tassel bracelet

Multi layer tassel bracelet

9. Emerald and ruby necklace

Emerald and ruby necklace designer jewellery at

10. Afghani tribal earrings

Afghani tribal earrings buy online at craftsvilla

Great discounts are running on jewellery collection at currently with some pieces at 50% discount also. Many handmade jewellery like paper quilled jewellery, beads jewellery are also available in beautiful designs at discounted prices. It’s a good time to stock up on your jewellery collection at such exciting prices at

Check out their full collection at For latest updates


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Alapatt Diamonds Jewellery at irresistible 30% Discount

This new year Alapatt Diamonds have come up with irresistible discount of 30% on their diamond jewellery. This offer is available only on diamond Jewellery Purchased Online through the Alapatt Diamonds website. Isn’t it exciting!!! Getting such great discounts buying jewellery online sitting in the comfort of your home??? While I was checking out Alapatt Diamonds jewellery collection I really liked there diamond pendants. They look very elegant and beautiful and can be styled with different kind of dresses be it party or casual. They also have good designs available in rings, earrings and bangles to select from.

Additional discount of Rs 1,000 available for Jewelsome readers, comment below or send mail on to get your discount code soon as only limited coupon codes are available!!!




There is also “Try at Home  option available for buyers in some cities like Cochin, Ernakulam and Kottayam. So that means you select your designs and get to try them at home before buying them, it cannot get better I bet!!! What else there is also “Cash on Delivery” available incase you are not comfortable with online purchases using credit/debit cards.

One limitation which I generally feel while selecting jewellery online is the real view of the jewellery. The front or side view images given on the jewellery website do not give the actual feel of the jewellery. But here Alapatt Diamonds have an amazing feature on there website to help buyers with this issue – 360 degree view. You can use this to get a revolving 360 degree view of the jewellery to see how it actually looks from different angels, which makes it super easy to make the buying decision. 

You can check Alapatt Diamonds full collection here and since this offer is running till 31st December 2016 only so hurry up and don’t miss it!!! Additional discount of Rs 1,000 available for Jewelsome readers, message me to get your discount code soon as only limited coupon codes are available!!!



More about Alapatt Diamonds:

Alapatt Diamonds is from the House of Alapatt, a 60+-year-old Jewellery brand from Kerala. Along with the jewellery, they provide certificates to ensure the authenticity of the products – BIS hallmarked Gold Jewellery and IGI certified Diamond Jewellery. All jewellery items offered for sale on our website is checked by their Quality assurance team to ensure that customers get a range of perfectly crafted jewellery. They are also committed to providing customers the best online shopping experience and post sale assistance.

Alapatt Diamond Jewellers Address:

Catholic Centre,
Central Junction, Kottayam
Pincode – 686001
Phone: 1800-1030-916

Alapatt Diamonds


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Why should Girls have all the Jewellery when Amrapali Mens collection is here

Nowadays Men also don’t want to be left behind when it comes to jewellery as they are getting more interested in blings. So ladies out there watch out as your Man starts having his own collection of jewellery to make you jealous. Well on the positive side it’s good as now you get to discuss about jewellery with our man and also turn them into buying you more. Now the conversation like “darling have you seen the new collection launched by Tanishq, it would be fun to check it out” or  “The cluster rings are in trend these day, let’s go buy ourself one” 🙂

Seeing the interest many jewellery brands have come out with their Men’s collection of jewellery like Amrapali. This collection has bold bracelets, Cuff Links and necklaces made in Silver. The design and form of the collection is basic and not many colors are added to keep it simple and appealing to the men population. I like the simple textures added to the jewellery in the form of Filigree work or Jaali work while colored enamels add subtle highlight.

amrapali-mens-jewellery enamel-painted-mens-cufflinks-by-amrapali filigree-mens-necklace-on-indian-jewellery-blog

Amrapali Jewels


Price (Approx):
Rs 1000

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Sanak’s passion for Upcycled Jewellery

When I saw these innovative Upcycled Jewellery on my childhood friend Anjali’s facebook page I was not much surprised. Seeing her love and passion for art and craft since childhood I always knew she would come up with something like this to satisfy her creative self and also bring about awareness for the environment.

She brings together her upcycled products under the name SANAK, the other name for obsession. Sanak’s Upcycled jewellery are born out of waste plastic packets, papers, cardboard or fabric. Each piece is handmade, exclusive and made out of our love for creating something that’s not just uncommon and trendy but also environment friendly and attractive. They have created earrings and hairclips out of Maggi packets, Plastic labels (from jam bottles), diaper packets, magazine pages, cardboard boxes, old T-shirt scraps, old bangles, pizza boxes, among other things. 

Plastic and fabric yarn for making Upcycled jewellery
Plastic yarn made from Jam bottle for making Upcycled jewellery
necklace made from waste paper
Upcycled bangles with thread/crochet work
Upcycled earrings
Hair clips made from Maggi noodles packet


In Sanak’s words “It gives us great pleasure to convert something that people throw away into something useful. It’s like giving life to that piece of trash again..pure Joy! That this reduces the earth’s load of trash bit by bit. is an added bonus, and a strong motivation to carry on.  are cool, light weight and one of a kind, is what some of our buyers have said. 

For more details check out there Facebook page Sanakcrafts



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Affordable Diamond Necklaces starting at Rs 77,000 by Kirtilals

If  you love Diamond jewellery but are generally hesitant to invest too much money in a single piece then you are not alone. As per the latest trend seen people now want more variety in their jewellery collection and inspite of one or two expensive pieces they prefer to buy more jewellery in the same amount to wear at different occasions. This has led many leading Jewellery brands in the country to launch their new range of Light weight jewellery which is beautiful, trendy and also light on pocket which gives more jewellery buying capacity to the buyers.

In the same line Kirtilals jewellers have also launched a new range of stunning light weight diamond necklaces at an unbelievable price. This collection showcases a wide array of sparkling diamond necklaces with the most sought after designs in traditional and contemporary styles. With this launch, Kirtilals is addressing 2 points that are prevailing in Diamond Jewellery industry

1.     The demand to cater to diamond jewellery at affordable prices thus launching Diamond necklaces starting from Rs. 77,000 

2.      With the changing trend, customers are opting for Diamond jewellery more for daily wear, than just restrict to occasional wear. Kirtilals studied the market and their designers studied global motifs that would appeal to new age woman and presented them in an innovative style.

More designs from this collection…






Price (Approx):
Rs 77,000

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Flower Jewellery for my Godh Bharai

I have always wished to wear beautiful flower jewellery made by my friend Kalpana from Pelli Poola Jada but never really got a chance. But last week when my friends arranged for my surprise Baby shower/Godh bharai my husband made sure this wish of mine came true. He along with Kalpana got me made beautiful Earrings and Maang Tikka in fresh jasmine flowers. They also got a gorgeous purple flower Tiara which made me feel no less than a Queen on my baby shower 🙂


Among all the jewellery I have worn so far flower jewellery is really special and different. First of all it is very soft and delicate to touch and has a feminine character to it. It also carries a sweet smell of flowers which felt very pleasing while I was wearing it. And as it was made of fresh flowers it was easy to recycle them after they wither without creating any junk, so they are eco friendly too.



Have you tried flower jewellery yet, how did you feel after wearing it?

Pelli Poola Jada


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Stock Up Jewellery with Eina Ahluwalia Diwali Sale

Eina Ahluwalia has launched a limited time sale on her designer jewellery for Diwali. 10% Discount is available on all products available on her website. The coupon code DIWALI16 needs to be applied while placing the order on their website to avail discount. This offer is valid ONLY till 31st October 11:59 pm

Eina Ahluwalia


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Legendary Yudhishthira inspiration for my earrings

I had my eyes on Unniyarcha Epic jewellery collection” inspired by the legendary characters of Mahabharata about which I mentioned in my previous post. I picked up these Yudhishthira Earrings and Ring to pair with my traditional embroidered saree as it’s sleek circular design appealed to me.

These designer jewellery are inspired by Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandava brothers. He was an excellent warrior and very good at spear fighting and chariot racing on the war field. The circular form of the chariot wheels is the inspiration of the circular form of these earrings and ring. The spear on the other hand inspires the stick of the earrings which are attached to the circle.


indian-jewellery-magazine-with-latest-designs   unniyarcha-epic-jewellery-collection

These earrings are made in 18K gold plated brass with semi-precious stones. These earrings are very contemporary to wear and also light weight, though the delicate design needs to be taken care while wearing.

More details on their Facebook page UnniyarchaDesign



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Unniyarcha Mahabharata Epic Jewellery Collection

Diwali preparation are in full swing and I recently got myself a saree with a traditional Rajasthani embroidery. While on the lookout for a perfect pair of jewellery for this saree I came across the new limited collection launched by Unniyarcha called “Epic collection”. It is inspired by some of the strongest and most inspiring characters of Mahabharata, mainly the five Pandava brothers, their wife Draupadi, Karna and Krishna. Consequently it has seven sub-collections – Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula & Sehdeva, Draupadi, Karna and Krishna.

Arjun Cuff from Unniyarcha Epic jewellery collection
Draupadi earrings
Arjun earrings
Yudhishthira earrings
Yudhishthira ring

 All the 30 pieces of the Epic Collection, consisting of earrings, necklaces, hand harnesses, cuffs and rings, are a blend of the powerful history of Mahabharata with the eternal beauty, charm and strength of today’s woman.

Any guesses which one I picked up to pair with my saree?? Keep watching will be sharing it tomorrow on the blog…



Price (Approx):
Rs 990 to 16,890

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