Why should Girls have all the Jewellery when Amrapali Mens collection is here

Nowadays Men also don’t want to be left behind when it comes to jewellery as they are getting more interested in blings. So ladies out there watch out as your Man starts having his own collection of jewellery to make you jealous. Well on the positive side it’s good as now you get to discuss about jewellery with our man and also turn them into buying you more. Now the conversation like “darling have you seen the new collection launched by Tanishq, it would be fun to check it out” or  “The cluster rings are in trend these day, let’s go buy ourself one” 🙂

Seeing the interest many jewellery brands have come out with their Men’s collection of jewellery like Amrapali. This collection has bold bracelets, Cuff Links and necklaces made in Silver. The design and form of the collection is basic and not many colors are added to keep it simple and appealing to the men population. I like the simple textures added to the jewellery in the form of Filigree work or Jaali work while colored enamels add subtle highlight.

amrapali-mens-jewellery enamel-painted-mens-cufflinks-by-amrapali filigree-mens-necklace-on-indian-jewellery-blog

Amrapali Jewels


Price (Approx):
Rs 1000

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