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21 Quick Jewelry You Can Make With Your Old Jeans

It was my daughter’s evening playtime when she was running around with her friends. And as usual running carefree she toppled on a small stone and fell down. I ran upto her and picked her to check of any injuries. Thank god she had none. But what is this I see, her jeans is torn around the knee area. My god this is the second jeans in a month which has been martyred!!!

Now what do I do with this torn jeans??? The tear is so ugly I can’t stitch a patch on it, and not sure if my style conscious 3 year old would even agree to wear it after the patch. So before tearing the jeans into pieces to make kitchen dusters I thought of trying some recycling. And the best thing I could think of was to make some jewelry.

While this Idea was just looming in my head, I quickly searched on my mobile and found quite inspirational stuff. Here are just 21 Jeans Jewelry ideas which astonished me with the sheer creativity of restless minds…

1. Denim and lace heart shaped pendant by artist CherryGardenDolls

Heart pendant made with denim

2. Bow denim necklace by LoveFactoryNYC

Bow necklace made with jeans

3. Denim hoops from Polyvore

Best out of waste jewelry

4. Denim beads necklace

denim and sterling silver-necklace

5. Old jeans bracelet with blue beadsdenim blue beaded bracelet

6. Denim bracelet with pearl chain from Womanwaydenim bracelet with pearl chain

7. Jeans fabric and gold earrings by artist  MissismissDenim earring

8. Necklace with Denim flowers and pearls

Jeans jewelry with pearls

9. Denim earrings with golden beads by IuliachifeleaDenim earrings with golden beads

10. Denim Fringe hoop earrings by Spoileddivaonline
Denim fringe hoop earring

11. Earrings made with denim and old chain by RoskoshkaDenim hanging earring

12. Heart earrings cut out of old jeansDenim hearts jewelry

13. Denim butterfly necklace by DenimhuntDenim jewelry by denimhunt

14. Denim Lace with Rhinestones Cuff BraceletDenim Lace with Rhinestones Cuff Bracelet

15. Denim Rosette earrings by artist VintageOoakDesigns

denim rosette earring

16. Earrings shaped out of denim from Shelterness

Jeans earring by shelterness

17. Jeans loop necklace by DawandaJeans jewelry

18. Round denim earrings by Artist Earjeans

Round jeans earring

19. Denim Chevron earrings

denim chevron earrings

20. Denim cuff by Kimberlie Kohler

Denim cuff

21. Rainbow Jeans jewelry by artist Amanda FormaroUpcycled jewelry



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