21 Stunning Flower Jewelry for Mehndi Function

21 Fresh Flower Jewellery for Mehndi Function

Mehndi function is generally personal which is celebrated with close family and friends and fresh flower jewellery adds to all the fun and masti. That is the reason they are becoming very popular among brides for their Mehndi function and they also look very beautiful with Mehndi colors. Fresh flowers with their sweet aroma and soft touch make the bride feel more beautiful and uplift their mood, no wonder brides feel and look like princess adorned with flower jewellery. 

Besides flower jewellery for mehndi they can also be worn for other functions like Haldi, Godh Bharai and similar casual function. One more feature which makes them more appealing is they are Environment friendly and can be returned back to mother nature.

Here are 21 Fresh Flower Jewellery by Pelli Poola Jada which you can buy for your Mehndi Functions:

1.Fresh flower kamarband and haath phool

2.Mira Rajput style fresh flower jewellery for mehndi function

3.Jasmine and rose flower jewellery for mehndi function

4.Beautiful fresh flower maang tikka design

5.Yellow and white fresh flower jewellery for marriage function



8.  Happy bride in fresh flower jewellery during mehndi ceremony

9.Fresh flower necklaces design

10.  Fresh flower jewellery set for wedding function

11.Fresh flower jewellery for marraige function like mehndi and haldi

12.Fresh flower jewellery design

13.Fresh flower jewellery design 3

14.Fresh flower jewellery design 2

15.Fresh flower jewellery by Pelli Poola Jada

16.Fresh flower jewellery by pelli poola jada 1

17.Fresh flower jewellery by Anoo Flower jewellery

18.elegant Fresh flower jewellery

19.Bride in fresh flower jewellery during mehndi function

20. Flower-jewellery-for-mehndi-function-2


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  1. I want floral jewelry set for haldi function which I will carry to my hometown so I want it by 15 April, 2017. send sample with cost

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